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K is for Kaori Glass

K is for Kaori Glass

Interview with Kaori, all images from her site

Questions by Lauren

Kaori Glass Etsy

1. Your products mostly feature mustaches. Any particular reason why?

It is from my dad who past away 5 years ago. He was in hospital after the kidney transplant surgery from my mom to him.

He liked his new mustache and I trimmed for him and he was excited to show off something new on his face to his grandchildren. Every mustache I paint, I think about him and makes me smile.

2. If you could tell a new customer to check out only one of your products, what would that be and why?

It is hard..I like most of my stuff. But I would pick this set.

Mugs are already made somewhere, and by handpainting on them makes them special. Not stickers or decals. I love making stuff using my skill and talent to make them special. This set includes lips which you can see highlighting and shading using sideroad brush technique.

3. Celebrity game time: Name your favorite famous mustache!

Shemar Moore!!!!

(Ed: check him out on IMDB if you want to see what he looks like!)