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About me! by Kaori

Hi, I’m Kaori. Let me tell you about myself. My English experience is poor. I have the Eiken 2nd grade and I took the TOEIC. I took theTOEIC only one time, so I want to take TOEIC again. By the time I start job hunting, I want to take TOEIC at least three times. My weak point is listening. I must make an effort. I also want to speak English fluently. So, I will stick it out.

Next, I’ll tell you about my hobbies. First, I like to go shopping. I sometimes go to Tokyo to buy some clothes and cosmetics. It is very fun! My favorite spot is Harajuku. I can buy cheap clothes.
Second, I like travelling. Now, I’m making plans for travel with friends. I want to go New Caledonia. It is very beautiful place. Third, I love to look at night views. I go to high places, for
example, an observation deck or a tower, whenever I travel somewhere. When I look at night views, I am excited. The best night view is that from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka. The lookout point is 173 meters high! From there, Osaka City is like a starlit sky. I want to live where I can look at good night views like that someday.