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Ryuichi Kawamura in 銀河英雄伝説 (ginga eiyu den)

(Picture from http://natalie.mu)

I am pretty late with this one, I know. But due to some serious case of laziness I just couldnt get myself to write another stage play review for a while. Somehow its harder for me to write about stage plays then about concerts. But then again stage plays are also harder for me than concerts due to my still developing japanese.
However I really enjoy watching them. They are great for learning japanese and it is interesting to see musicians I like, performing in a different way. Beside this they are a great entertainment source and I greatly prefer them over going to a cinema.
銀河英雄伝説 (ginga eiyu den) was on stage from april the 13th – april 22th in Tokyo and april 28th and 29th in Osaka.
I wanted to go there at the first day, but for personal reasons it wasnt possible. Then I wanted to go the last day in tokyo, but it was actually SOLD OUT. So I settled for saturday april 21st.
It was indeed not the first time for me seeing Ryuichi in a stage play/musical. I saw him in WUTHERING HEIGHTS and I greatly enjoyed that. For me Ryuichi is anyway the most changeable character in Luna Sea. Between the flirty, pleather pants, fluffy jacket (and fluffy hair) wearing Rockvocal Ryuichi in Luna Sea and the suit wearing, flat ironed and pretty uptight looking Ryuichi Kawamura at his solo performances seem to be worlds. These 2 character seem not even like the same person, more like brothers that couldnt be more different and the only thing connecting them seem to be that incredible, heart breaking, bewitching voice…
That beeing said I really looked forward to see him in a stage play again.
 銀河英雄伝説 seems to be originally a manga…or was it a book first?!… I am never sure about those things in japan. Its always a bit of  a what-was -first?-the-egg-or-the-hen question, because in japan manga count as books. For me thats still kind of weird because manga are still just comic books to me *getting ready to get killed for saying that*.
Seeing the manga related pictures, I couldnt help myself thinking I saw that manga somewhere before but until now I cant pin down where.
The story was a bit of the typical manga/future/starship/hero/badboy story. An evil regent, suffering people living in a world full of war and evil-ness and a to-nice-to-be-true hero who safes them all (Ryuichi, who was aparrently playing a chinese if you judge it by the name o.O). 
Spiced up with a will-they-get-each-other-or-are-they-to-stupid-to-end-up-together lovestory (of course they where to stupid to end up together…they always are -.-).
The whole play was very light-hearted and easy to understand, even with my just conversational japanese level. There was really a lot of effort put into “special effects” and things like that and I was really impressed by how visual impressing the play was.
All the main actor where really professional and just fun to watch.
I can honestly say that this was one of the most entertaining pastime I had in a while.
The only thing which is bothering me personally is that Ryuichi seem to always take the “nice guy” roles in his musicals/stage plays. Even in WUTHERING HEIGHTS they actually cutted the end short, so he didnt went insane and destroyed everyones life including his own like he was supposed to (If you wanna know what I am talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuthering_Heights). 
I personally would LOVE to see him in a evil role. I think he has great potential and I wanna see what he can do as a mean, sneaky or just outlaw character.
But this is just my personal opinion and has nothing to do with his performances in this stage play. 
He was the hero and the nice guy and good at it. I just wand him to be evil from time to time *laugh*
HOWEVER the good news is the stage play will continue in august. The bad news for Ryuichi fans is that he will not be in it this time. But if you love those kind of manga-lost-in-space stories I definately reccomment you to check it out anyway if you are around tokyo at that time, because I can imagine this one will be equally entertaining:

The other good news is that the part of the musical featuring Ryuichi seems to come out on DVD in august, too. Not to sure about international shipping, region code etc, but you can check it out here:

I for my part am definately looking forward to the next stage play/musical featuring Ryuichi Kawamura :)