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Natrium – Elegy for the Flesh

This is probably the “slammiest” album I’ll ever post here.  Actually, it’s really more in-line with Suffocation-worship Brutal Death.  Which is good, because actual Slam Death sucks.  To me Slam is just a novelty, basically, the lowest-brow Death Metal there is.  And probably owes much of it’s popularity to Metalinquisition.  People don’t listen to Slam because it’s good, they listen to it because it follows a particular formula.  There are exceptions like Wormed, that are actually trying to push boundaries.  But pretty much any Slam band can be considered the Waka Flocka Flame of Death Metal; cheap and stupid, delivering on  a very “guilty-pleasure” level.  
Anyway, back to this record…  Natrium (which sounds a lot like a granola bar) is part of the recent explosion of Italic Tech Death these past few years.  What probably sets them apart is that they don’t sound all that modern.  Not that they sound old-school at all, but there’s a surprising lack of gravity-blasts and annoying cricket-vocals here.  There are slow, chugging parts (“slamz”), but they’re actually rather tasteful, not incessant.  This is actually just good Brutal Death Metal… Something I’m always up for.