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Favorite J-Pop Singles: Karasawa Toshiaki & Kiki Kirin / Futari No Subete

AHAHAHA, this next one is a really FUN one! As the theme song for the Karasawa Toshiaki / Kiki Kirin drama KAGAYAKE! RINTARO, the story about the life and times of a earnest young business man living with his feisty mother as he tries to balance work and getting married, FUTARI NO SUBETE is the PERFECT opening for each episode!

Besides being a terrifically catchy song and danceable as hell, the theme song FUTARI NO SUBETE had the added bonus of being both sung AND performed by the fun two co-stars themselves! Each episode began with a little teaser for the show which usually ended with the two having some wacky, light-hearted argument before the the drums and synthesizers kicked in and the song started!


As the title suggests, the song FUTARI NO SUBETE is all about how great the two of them are together, the Ultimate Pair! As the two sing and grasp each others’ hands, wildly boogying down against the backdrop of a computer-generated cabaret show, you immediately get the “feel” of the show: silliness mixed in with the tender affection each has for each other. And those slow-motion clich├ęd SMAP dance moves at the end never fails to seal the deal!

Kagayake Rintaro was one of the very first dramas I watched on my own (without the suggestion of anyone else) and was the very first time seeing both Karasawa Toshiaki, Kiki Kirin AND awesome Esumi Makiko. Though I would see Kiki Kirin only sporadically in later years (cracked me up in the Kyoko Fukada movie Kamikaze Girls!) Karasawa Toshiaki and Esumi Makiko would go on to become some of my favorite actors!