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Nashua School Board President Kim Shaw gives a First Amendment Holiday gift to KingCast.

Even though Ms. Shaw (pictured in red) and I are apparently on opposite sides of the restrictive First Amendment public comment policy, I watched her compliment me on yesterday’s broadcast of my second appearance at the Board. Each time I issued principled and vigorous commentary that has been supported by the City Attorney and the Nashua Telegraph editorial board, even though similar actions in Columbus resulted in almost-elected U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy calling the police on me, as noted in the Justiceforkids video referenced at this post.
But Ms. Shaw said, almost verbatim:
“I wish to commend Alderman Teeboom and Mr. King for their civility and professionalism in addressing this difficult issue…. when the public sees this type and level of discourse it really helps everyone.”

The Ohio Board of Grievances, when placing me on a year suspension several years ago (watch “Day in Nashua” or explanation), wrote “King is a philosophical orator,” as if that were a bad thing. Wasn’t John Quincy Adams a lawyer and philosophical orator? Ghandi was, too. For that matter, Atticus Finch….. and others, like Martin Luther King? Malcolm X? Aristotle? Isn’t that what a Civil Rights advocate is supposed to be?

Watch for some of the footage on KingCast, and I’ll be back to retrieve that license soon, buoyed by this experience in Nashua, working to help make the World a better place in which to live.