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The Movie – Amanoya Rihei (1928)

Not bad – Amanoya Rihei movie

Movie Issued – in 1928.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm
Release Dates: Japan:31 December 1928

In movie played:

Kobunji Ichikawa (actor)

Enichiro Jitsukawa (actor)

Kichi Katsuragi (actor)

Taisuke Matsumoto (actor)
Birth Notes:Tottori, Japan
Matsumoto Taisuke be born encircled by Tottori in 1895. After dropping out of the elective program of the Tokyo Fine Arts School, he go from Kawakami Otojiro Acting School, to Iniwa Takashi’s Kabuki Theater Association, to Yamamoto Kaichi’s Kessaku Theater, consequently was ask to halt Teikoku Cinema Ashiya Studios in 1923. During his Teikine epoch, he paired aware next to Utakawa Yaeko juncture and again with whom he costarred in Mori Kundotetsuro no Tsuyu. They be call the High-Profile Duo of the West using technique of dead matching set against the Iwata Yukichi-Kurishima Sumiko of the West. Their films cover Nageki no Kyoku, which he himself directed, and Shuchu Nikki (Diary of a Drunkard) where on earth he enact the front role, Okawa Imazo. His starring films be cranium Ito Daisuke’s Hoshi wa Midaretobu, Rutsubo no Nakani (Into the Melting Pot), Nekketsu wo Hisomete (Hide the Warm Bread), and Chi de Chi wo Arafu. Upon transfer to historical drama portion of Nikkatsu in 1946, he perform in eight films plus Eto Shinpei and Myokokuji Jiken. At this time, he display grand acting technique in director Ito Daisuke’s Shinban Yotsuya Kaidan (The New Yotsuya Kaidan) as Tamiya Iuemon. His other basic role were in Edojo Sozeme textual by Mayama Seika, Osen directed by Ishii Tamizo, and Orokubushi directed by Ito Daisuke. Ever since the liberate of Mito Komon Henreki Kitan in 1930 he performed as Tokugawa Kunimitsu four times, and become specified as the Mito Komon thespian who measured capable of Yamamoto Kaichi of Nikkatsu.
Birth Date:21 December 1895

Kajo Onoe (actor)
Death Date:3 March 1969
Birth Notes:Kobe, Japan
Born Shimada Kiichiro inside Kobe in 1898, Onoe studied below the tutelage of Ichikawa Ichizo and perform under the podium given name of Ichikawa Momotaro, once joining Nikkatsu in 1920 and becoming the army cadet of Onoe Matsunosuke. In his photograph debut he at the outset retained the name Ichikawa Momotaro, after that varying it to Onoe Kajo to part the name of his coach, and becoming a proportioned in Onoe Matsunosuke’s films. He play the role of the enemy, Murakami Saburobei, in Nakayama Yasubei, and he take the ration of Oni Wakasanji in what become Matsunosuke’s closing film, Kyokotsu Mikazuki. Apart from these in attendance a few films where on earth he played foremost parts, and an assortment of more in which he faddy opinionated role. After helping out Chiezo Productions in Kaikkyo Kontadasuke (The Extraordinary Kon Tadasuke), he took the opportunity to join equally them in 1934. He after proceed to hand over moody performance in lodge of Karasuyama Hanbei in Budo Taikan ( The Martial Arts Encyclopedia), as the organizer Heiji in Karitaro Kaido, and as Kawai Hanbei in Araki Mataemon. With sinewy, manly roles as his speciality, Onoe’s characteristic parts incorporated that of the felon commanding officer Kiso Saru in Kimagure Kaja, Okitsu Nanigashi, the samurai who foiled the arrangement of Harada Kai in Akanishi Kakita, and Mori’s secret agent Ashisuke Magohachi, the man who rescue the hero, So Shuntaro and be shear to goodbye in Tenpei Doji. There is an portion in Benten Kozo (The Benten Kid), directed through Ito Daisuke, in which Onoe tattoos the stern of Ichikawa Raizo. Onoe Kajo die in 1969.
Birth Date:31 August 1898

Denjir kchi (actor)
Birth Name:Oobe, Masuo
Birth Notes:Iwaya-mura, Chikujo-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan [now Buzen City, Fukuoka Prefecture]
Death Date:19 July 1962 (stomach cancer)
Birth Date:5 February 1898

Midori Komatsu (actress)
Death Date:26 October 1982
Birth Notes:Tokyo, Japan
Komatsu Midori be born delimited by Tokyo in 1891. From the age of five she studied at the Bando leap institution and in 1911 fixed a feminine theater which complex huge awake near basically be formed, the Nakasu Masagoza. In 1912 at the age of 21 she made her lap debut. In 1913 upon the invitation of Shochiku Gomei, she participate in the female theater element the Kyoto City Second Kyogoku Taishoza where on earth she incessant her dealings until 1915, when she choose to thieve the footsteps chief towards ruckus pictures. In 1919 she negotiate with Kunikatsu films and the subsequent year joined the guests. She was aiming to be a tacky pictures big name. At Kunikatsu she appear in Shoshurei, Minashi Go and Chishio no Naruto. After the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 she joined Shochiku Shimogamo. She single-minded for the most part resting on circumstance of year drama such in dump of Nichiren Komachi, Yoshii Masayuki and Kane no Naruhi (The Day the Bell Tolls). In 1925 she transfer to Nikkatsu Daishogun Studios and appeared in Nakayama Yasubei, and Rakka no Mai. From this time ahead she come to be in call in structure of for elderly role and the roles of mother. From the 1930s she build up a portfolio of taking sides roles, and after taking a office given name in the Wakayagi school of dance, she take on the activity of choreography for the Nikkatsu Period Drama Theater. In 1942 she transferred to Daiei. She then concentrated mainly on period dramas until her retirement in 1964. She die in 1982 at the age of 91.
Birth Date:9 September 1891

Yko Umemura (actress)

Morinosuke Nakanishi (cinematographer)

Tomiyasu Ikeda (director)