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Movie – Oyaji to sono ko (1929)

Said to be cool Oyaji to sono ko movie

Movie Premier in 1929.

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Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: Japan:13 September 1929

In movie played:

Yukichi Iwata (actor)

Koji Mitsui (actor)
Death Notes: Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan (heart failure)
Birth Notes: Yokohama, Japan
Death Date: 20 July 1979
Appeared as the master’s son in the 1934 film, Story of Floating Weeds, and an itinerant supporting player in the 1959 version, Floating Weeds.
Birth Date: 6 March 1910

Tatsuo Saito (actor)
Death Notes: Tokyo, Japan (stomach cancer)
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Death Date: 2 March 1968
Birth Date: 10 June 1902

Takeshi Sakamoto (actor)
Birth Name: Nagaishi, Buhei
Birth Notes: Hyogo, Japan
Death Notes: Hyogo-ken, Japan
Birth Date: 21 September 1899

Minoru Takada (actor)
Death Notes: Tokyo, Japan (cancer)
Birth Notes: Higashinaruse-mura, Ogachi-gun, Akita, Japan
Death Date: 28 December 1977
Birth Date: 20 December 1899

Haruo Takeda (actor)

Atsushi Watanabe (actor)
Birth Notes: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
Death Date: 27 February 1977
Birth Date: 9 April 1898

Hisao Yoshitani (actor)

Chouko Iida (actress)
Birth Notes: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
Death Date: 26 December 1972
Spouse: ‘Hideo Shigehara’ (qv) (? – ?)
Birth Date: 15 April 1897

Sumiko Kurishima (actress)
Death Notes: Japan
As the starting womanly Japanese print public figure, Kurishima’s pioneering contributions to Japanese film cannot be overlooked. In 1921, she attached Shochiku Kamata Studios and made her debut contained by Henry Kotani’s Bijinso. Her 1923 Sendo Kouta become a hefty bludgeon and she be dub the “Queen of Kamata.” She sooner or subsequently married longtime influential man Yoshinobu Ikeda. In 1935, she starred in Eien no Ai, a film released in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of Kamata Studios, and retire shortly after, going away the film world while motionless a superstar. Later, excepting someone call out of retirement a few times in utilize of person above you film appearance, she possessed herself to dance and became confused near manner of organizer of the Mizuki conservatory of leap, which fastidious tens of thousands of disciple across Japan. Two extant, conversely part of a predetermined, version of her films be Fujoki (1922) and Hatachi no Koro (1924).
Birth Notes: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
The first female Japanese film star.
Death Date: 16 August 1987
Birth Date: 15 March 1902

Fumiko Okamura (actress)

Kinuyo Tanaka (actress)
Spouse: ‘Hiroshi Shimizu (I)’ (qv) (? – ?) (divorced)
Biographical Movies: _Eiga joyu (1987)_ (qv)
Death Notes: Japan (brain tumor)
Birth Notes: Yamaguchi, Japan
Was the first Japanese woman director
Death Date: 21 March 1977
Birth Date: 28 November 1910

Yukiko Tsukuba (actress)

Emiko Yagumo (actress)

Sanpei Yumaki (writer)

Mitsuo Miura (cinematographer)
Birth Notes: Miyagi, Japan
Death Date: 24 October 1956
Birth Date: 25 October 1902

Heinosuke Gosho (director)
Articles: “Film Comment” (USA), January 1991, Vol. 27, Iss. 1, pg. 74-78, by: William Johnson, “The Splitting Image”
Death Notes: Japan
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Books: Wakeman, John, ed. World Film Directors Volume I: 1890-1945. New York, NY: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1987. ISBN 0824207572
Biography in: John Wakeman, editor. “World Film Directors, Volume One, 1890-1945″. Pages 401-406. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1987., His father was a wealthy businessman, his mother was a geisha., His film _Madamu to nyobo (1931)_ (qv) was the first full sound-on-film made in Japan.
Death Date: 1 May 1981
Birth Date: 1 February 1902

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