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Before I begin this blog i would like you guys to know that I was so deeply affected by this news that it took me over 2 days to decipher whether or not to actually write about such a disturbing event :( Okay so its not like I am naive enough to believe that nobody in hollywood makes sex tapes, becuase basically thats like saying life is about baking cookies, smelling flowers and sighting rainbows, but out of all celebrities did it have to be LEIGHTON MEISTER! WHY GOD?? OH WHYYY???

Now I’m sure everyone is quite immune to the whole “hollywood sex tape” scenarios, but what surpsrises me most about the leaking of this particular tape is that Leighton’s career has actually been on the rise follwing the first season of Gossip Girl. Having graced more and more magazine covers, even overtaking the spotlight of her blonde bomshell co-star Blake Lively.

Funnily enough this encounter actually brings a whole new light to her recently released song “Good Girls Go Bad!” featuring US band Cobra Starship.

Keep in mind, I am not suggesting this tape will make her, because quite obviously she has proven to be a talented Actress and Singer who hasnt needed such attention thus far, but it may actually break her! The question is will she be fortunate enough to overcome this disastrous leak? Well all I can say is that it is not impossible, considering the career paths that the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian lead which have escalated dramatically follwing the leaking of their sextapes.

I would like to leave you guys with one question to consider, some women used to “sleep with the boss” in order to advance in their careers, but it seems that the current trend is sex tapes..well at least its proven to be quite a success in hollywood, but how long do you think it will take before sex tapes circulate the office? Oh thats if they haven’t already been leakedd…

Abi xxx (Somehow my usual ex ex ex just does not seem to cut it in regards to this blog considering how triple X rated leighton has gotten on us!)