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Lisa Snowdon looks worse for wear at a jewellery party

A long night … Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon

DIAMONDS might be a girl’s best friend — but a helping hand when you are
feeling tired is a great second best.

Following the launch of Berkeley Diamond Group’s concierge service last night,
the 40-year-old looked a little worse for wear on the way out of the party.

She was given a little help from a pal as she winked and grabbed her bum.

She then curled over as she left the party and was guided by her friend to the

Capital Radio DJ Lisa Snowdon, 40, arrived at the event in bright red MP4 12C
Volcano Orange McLaren.

Wearing a red Victoria Beckham dress and dripping in jewels, the former model
had a little trouble clambering out of the posh motor.

She tweeted: “I chose a subtle necklace to wear with @victoriabeckham for
the @berkeleydiamond party.. Was a lot of fun..”

Lisa Snowdon winks and puts her hand on her bum

Cheeky move … Lisa Snowdon
Lisa Snowdon is helped out of the party by her friend

Helping hand … Lisa Snowdon and pal
Lisa Snowdon looking glamorous as she arrives at the party

Looking glam as she arrives … Lisa Snowdon