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New single for Maeda Yuki

I didn’t thing we’d see another release from her after her album last year, but Maeda Yuki’s got a new single on the way! It’s going to be a double A-side called Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ / Eien (ミアネヨ 〜ごめんなさい〜 / 永縁).

Looks like the first is another Korean theme. Last time it was Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ (ケンチャナ〜大丈夫〜), with kenchana (괜찮아) and daijoubu (大丈夫) both meaning something like “it’s alright” in English. With Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~, mianeyo (미안 해요) and gomennasai (ごめんなさい) both mean “I’m sorry” in English. The second A-side Eien means “eternity.”

The single will be released April 7.