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Would you buy a handbag design Mischa Barton?

I think many people will go to buy Kate Moss design series (to defer assessment of the design level), because she is a supermodel in the Big Sister, Mulberry Clutch, she is the inspiration for designers muse, she The super will wear the Queen Street shooting.But why people buy these design Mischa Barton the ordinary looks cheap bag it?Even blockbusters her performance and she was in the movie as bad.  Animal veins Mulberry Tasker flowers surrounded, or bohemian, lying in the shadow of her new handbag designed by Mischa Barton.However, Mischa Barton in the end by virtue of what became known?Always skinny?Suspected of drunk driving?Weight gain?Become a model of a television series? Mulberry Danmark, We are in the end what to buy her bag?Confused