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I’m sorry T^T + Otozuki Miyu kyabajo photo inspiration!

I think it’s been two, maybe three weeks since I updated..! D’: Sorry for abandoning you, gals! Actually, I lost the camera case which has all my USB connect-y wires in, so I haven’t felt much like blogging. Also, though I’ve done gyaru makeup several times, it’s normally for an event so I haven’t really had time to take photos afterwards… T3T

Loads has happened, though, and I will be updating you as soon as possible! :)

In the mean time, I ended up looking at a kyabakura group called Caba Caba (Caba2). They have lots of cute gals so I might end up posting more on here/Tumblr/WeHeartIt, but the main one to catch my eye was Otozuki Miyu of M Morning (エム~モーニング~) in Shinjuku.

Read ahead for photo spam and commentary! :)

The pictures below are from her ‘Pick Up’ (like a weekly feature on one girl, I believe). Originally it was in a long ‘picture’ made up of several individual segments. Instead of consolidating them into one image file I decided to break them up for hearting etc.! X3

The remaining pics are from her image gallery; I picked a lot but not all of them, so check them out if you like what you see!

Otozuki Miyu’s makeup style is fairly simple, with light, spiked lashes. She wears several styles of lower lashes, but I think the ones in the above photo are Dolly Wink Baby Girl..? Her upper lashes are quite likely to be Dolly Wink as well. She wears both blue and brown lenses. Her inner liner is in a dark and defined point, with ultra-thin upper liner, and undefined subtle smudges of shadow under her outer eyes.

Her nails in most of the pictures are sweet pink, long (but not extreme) and a softened stiletto. She obviously opts for girly colours as, as well as pink, she wears delicate champagne gold. Her nails are glitzy but don’t have any jumbo-sized charms.

Miyu’s jewellery is silvery and unobtrusive, but often doubled-up. She also has a rokku-tastic chunky steel ring to up the edginess of her look.

Her hair is curly, usually with just a little bit of lift and lightly-defined sujimori. However, you can see some of her slightly more extravagant hairstyles below!

The combination of kyabajo gowns and rokku that Miyu wears in her image gallery reminds me of Sakurina (with less eyeliner). She’s obviously a fan of TutuHA, with several eye-catching hoodies! A quick look at her diary doesn’t reveal much about what she wears day-to-day, as there aren’t many photos showing her outfits.

Do you have a kyabajo inspiration?