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Miyu Fashion: My obsessions – because of Kpop

I spent a little time to put together a few images yesterday which show fashion Items that I am currently obsessed with.
I wanna start with the things I’m obsessed with because of Kpop. (Also see because of Jrock and General)

First of all, those cute colorful hats. Those have been all over kpop for a few months. They are really cute and i want like 4 of them haha.
Anywho… Here we have the adorable Zelo (B.A.P) rocking it with some studs added. ———->

Varsity Jackets… I never thought it was ok to wear them when you weren’t on a varsity team until about a month ago when I noticed everyone wearing them and It looked really cool. I had never seen them used just for fashion, and hadn’t really seen any that weren’t made for actual team (like high school teams).

Boy London. I am actually quite in love with boy london… and If it hadn’t been for Lee MinHyuk of BTOB (the handsome boy in the varsity jacket, I would have probably found out about it later than I did. But I was just so obsessed with MinHyuks pants in the dance ver. of WOW that I had to find out what they were. And now I want almost everything boy london has to offer. Boy London is a brand from the UK. For the Americans like myself Boy London can be found at Asos.

That hat, gonna be honest, I want it because I saw it on Jung Ilhoon of BTOB in the WOW mv. Since we are on a role with this WOW mv I would like to break to tell you that the image of MinHyuk in the varsity Jacket is from the WOW promotional shoot. Anyway, back to the hat. This hat, and the cute ones at the beginning can be found at Style Nanda, this one is tittled the “WOW studded cap“. I’ve also seen it on a few members from girl groups and Bang YongGuk (B.A.P) and a few other guys. It’s a rather desirable hat. Also I really love studs and spikes. Now This isn’t the only Snapback hat I want. I actually have a small obsession with snapbacks in general now. I also want one from Boy London, the one that G-Dragon wore the says (Get Out) and one with GD’s “One of a Kind” logo thing on it… Among others.

Crazy patterns. I was a little afraid of ultra bright or crazy patterns before Kpop. I wasn’t sure how they could be worn functionally. I had started learning ways to use them via Visual kei and Japanese fashion, but I feel many of the prints used in Kpop are more wild and sometimes even more abundant.

And finally the Asymmetrical bob. I liked this kind of hair, but then I saw it on Amber of F(x) and I was like “ermagerd! that hair!!”… Yeah. I’ve been battling with myself for years as to whether or not I should try it some day… I won’t get into all the reasons, although it does sound silly without knowing why. Save it for another day.

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