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My self introduction by Miyu

  Hello! My name is Miyu. Let me tell you about myself.
  I’m from Nagaoka, Niigata, and now live in Hirasuna Residence. I’m majoring in Humanities, European History. I especially want to study about ancient Rome. So now I am learning Latin and ancient Greek. They are very, very difficult, but I enjoy it! I am a member of the mixed chorus club of Tsukuba University, Tsukuba Daigaku Konsei GassyoudanThis club has about 60 members, and we practice 4 times a week. We gave a concert on December 16th at Nova hall in Tsukuba Center. We sang some Japanese songs, German songs (composed by F. Mendelssohn,) and an English Christmas song, “Jingle Bells”. This concert is the biggest concert of the year for our club.