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Miyu Fashion: My obsessions – because of Jrock

I spent a little time to put together a few images yesterday which show fashion Items that I am currently obsessed with.
Here I would like to share with you my Obsessions because of Jrock
(Also check out because of kpop and General)

1. Creepers have been quite popular in Jrock/Visual kei fashion. I personally feel that having a pair of these is necessary in a VK wardrobe. I think the white with black details is a classic but there are so many options with creepers. From the colors/patterns to the height of the platforms. The Original Creeper school is from a brand called T.U.K. Creepers are also good for punk looks or even goth looks. Or if you are scene or Emo they are also great. Actually, they are great for everyone. Everyone should have a pair of Creepers. Just kidding, but you should get a pair.

2. The Drop Crotch pant. The firs time I had seen this kind of pant, other than an MC Hammer video was in Jrock. So these are actually Harem/sarouel pants that I’m talking about. I can’t think of a specific example of a Jrocker wearing them but I see them a LOT in Kera Magazine in all prints, colors, and extents of which the crotch drops. The image to the right is out of Kera and shows two harem pants. If you are interested in seeing more there is a great selection of this type of pants on YesStyle and if you have access, popular Japanese brands like h.Naoto, peace now, super lover, and many more carry these pants. last litlte thing is I see a lot of these sort of pants in Kpop, like always. 

3. Mixing prints. Before Jrock I often just stuck with the “only one print” at a time rule. But there are ways to wear 2-4 different prints/patterns/in different colors at the same time. For example the image above includes Plaid and stripes (the stripes are on the pants) and many fun sarouel pants come in multiple prints such as stripes with pokadots. It’s all in the way it’s organized and the color schemes.

4. This is two obsession in one. Sweater Prints and Printed leggings.

First, Sweater print. This started very specifically from seeing Ryutaro from Plastic Tree wearing a pair of sweater shorts in an issue of Kera Magazine. Unfortunately I can’t locate and image of these pants, nor do i currently have the issue I saw it in. unfortunate. And i can’t find anything similar…
These here on the right are kind of similar… Only Ryutaro’s were quite a bit longer… Quite a bit… Like Knee length… also not tight fitting… pretty loose…
But yeah. I just love these kinds of classic sweater prints since then…

Anywhooo…. Printed leggings. This is another thing that I started liking when I saw it every so often in jrock but I see it a lot in kpop now. Usually in Jrock it meant Striped, checkered, poka dots… that kind of thing. On the occasion more than that… Like skulls… And again I turn to Kera magazine for an example (because i can’t find a better one)

5. Dr. Martens boots. They come in lots of varieties. I feel the same way about these boots as I do creepers. They Definitely help in creating a good VK wardrobe. or punk/alternative wardrobe. But. there are cheaper alternatives… But you really are paying for quality and style with Dr. Martens. Like wise with the T.U.K creepers… because I didn’t mention they are kind of expensive. I could easily use another example from Kera but I won’t… I just won’t try. I will simply say, Dr.Martens also make creepers, as well as oxfords and heels and some kind of “casual” shoes. Oxfords are actually another obsession of mine that we will see in the Last obsessions post.