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My obsession with Montego Glover

Montego Glover is, for those of you not aware, the star of the new musical Memphis, which just won the Tony award for best musical. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical. I believe that if Catherine Zeta Jones had not done such a beautiful job as Desiree Armfeldt, Montego Glover would currently be a Tony Award winner. This girls voice is unbelievable. The passion and meaning behind her voice is astounding, I have never seen someone belt it to the rafters like this woman live. She is also the most poised, sofisticated, charming, kind, woman at the stage door. I wrote her a letter and she was nice enough to send back my CD booklet signed by her and Chad Kimball as well as a Thank You card for my kind words. Below….or above idk how it’ll come out but wherever it ends up is a video of Montego Singing “Colored Woman” from Memphis. Talk about a show stopping number. This show brings down the house every single night and its all thanks to the theatre goddess known as Montego Glover. Enjoy