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Kasai Tomomi graduation, and JKT48

First I would like to say this is a sad time…

Kasai Tomomi, Who I really like, Will be graduating..

Chiyuu appeared alone in front of fans, and first thanked them for being able to make a solo debut with her single “Masaka (= No way!)” on the 26th. She then stated,
There is one more ‘Masaka’ announcement to make. I, Kasai Tomomi, am graduating from AKB48. I joined AKB48 when I was 14, and have been in the group for 6 and a half years. It made me learn a lot of things. Now that I received a chance for a solo debut, I would like to send songs with my own ability from now on.
 The details on Kasai’s graduation, including when it would be, will be announced as soon as it’s decided.

Chiyuu… Why :’(

Now to brighten everones day up… JKT48 anniversary, CD Debut, Team J announced!

On December 23rd, it was announced that JKT48 would be making their CD debut in January.

The announcement was made during their live event to celebrate the 1st anniversary since they started their activities. To commemorate their CD debut, they are planning to distribute 100,000 copies of promotion CDs for free, mainly in Jakarta.
There are total four versions for the promotion CD, and each version contains one song among AKB48 songs, “Heavy Rotation“, “Baby!Baby!Baby!“, “Ponytail to Shushu“, or “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara” that are covered by JKT48 in the Indonesian language. These songs will be included in the CD they will release in January. Details on their debut CD, including the album title and track lists will be announced later.
On the same day, the group also announced the formation of Team J. The captain of the team is Devi Kinal Putri. The team consists of 24 members, including Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka. Starting on the 26th, Team J will begin performing their new setlist “Renai Kinshi Jourei” that is a revival of AKB48 Team A’s 5th stage, Aki and Haruka’s theater performance debut as JKT48 members will be on the 26th.

So.. JKT48 is getting a CD Debut.. But has everyone seem to have forgotten about HKT48?..
Anyways, Congratulations JKT :)