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yochijima house(吉島家)

The splendid merchant’s family whom it is built in highlight 1907 by master craftsperson Isaburo Nishida (Nishida Isaburo) of Kawaramachi, and convey the feature of the old liquor brewing. It is attention to the shadow which the Class which it blows, and consist of a part led by the central pillar beam and the light to insert from a high window of the dirt floor bring. When great master Charles Moore of the American building world “was the best Japan building in the house which oneself looked” at, I praised it highly in 1977. I touched the Kusakabes with the aspect and was destroyed by fire by a big fire of 1875, and the Kichijima house was rebuilt. However, within 30 years, I was destroyed by fire again in 1905.
★ The history of the Kichijima house In Kichijima house, it lowers the cedar ball of Miwa Shinto shrine worshiping Bacchus by an opening in the house which ran brewing business from generation to generation to the edge of the eaves for Tenmei era eight years that first Jubee lived in the high mountain to (1784). It prospered in the buying and selling of the raw silk cocoon from the time in the Edo latter period. The noren with a crest hanging at the entrance shows that it was the business magnate that it is available as for the body with the thing which it had by having offered the Shogunate money of a large amount of use. (The left)