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I have 55 friend requests on my facebook at the moment, if I don’t recognise who or not really friend I don’t accept it, I also don’t really want so many online friends.
Anyway, this guy picture below was on my friend request, I didn’t recognise who the fuck he was, but my friend Misa recognised and told me that he’s the husband of Naoko Nozawa. OMG>>> and WHY? Naoko Nozawa was a comedian/singer back in Japan, I really loved her, but she moved to America and is still doing a really fucked up band with her husband Bob.
(I don’t know her personally btw not facebook friends either)
This is their band Chimpanzees (they now have a new band called Ass Baboons of Venus)
Me & Bob are now facebook friends.
One day I want Chimpanzees to play with my band. Thank you Bob x