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Adventures in Cuteness: Takimoto Miori

Takimoto Miori in Hungry!
Oh My GOSH but Who’s this “Takimoto Miori” that’s playing the sassy and wide-eyed Chie in the new Osamu Mukai drama “Hungry”? She is cute, cute, CUTE!
Genki Girl! Takimoto Miori as Chie
with Osamu Mukai checking out the restaurant
So spastically innocent about all the stuff happening around her, (like a hyper chipmunk!) her exaggeratedly adorable reactions remind me of the first time I saw Ueno Juri in Nodame Cantabile or Shida Mirai in Seigi No Mikata! Soooo Sooo CUTE!
Seeing the restaurant for the first time open…
And then joking about how much the rice looks like boobs…
Take this wonderful example of her genki disposition as she sits down to dine on her first dish…ya gotta love those expressions!
Okay, let’s try some of this “Tomato Farci”…
A very satisfied customer, LOL!
Don’t know jsut WHERE this girl came from, but I’ll definitely be tuning in for more episodes of Hungry! This show already has a lot going for it with beautiful actresses like Kuninaka Ryoko gracing its screens, but the addition of Miori is like a cherry on the top of an already exquisite dessert!
PS: Going onto the Dramawiki site,it reveals that Miori appeared in that nutty Shibasaki Kou movie Shokudo Katatsumuri, but I’ll be darned if I remember who she was. Probably one of the school kids coming in to eat.