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Kenji Sawada — Kiken na Futari (危険なふたり)

Kenji ‘Julie’ Sawada(沢田研二) has had one of the most interesting careers in the kayo kyoku era. He was one of the co-vocals of the most popular Group Sounds band, The Tigers, during the 1960s (there is one entry for them in the Labels). Then, once the GS era ended in 1970, he joined a supergroup, PYG, which consisted of members from other GS bands, and when that project disbanded, he launched his solo career as a cool long-haired singer/songwriter, and started a career in acting as well. As the 70s passed by, he started getting more avant-garde in his approach, culminating in a glam rock phase into the 80s. I wonder if Christopher Guest had researched Sawada when he was making “This Is Spinal Tap”.

“Kiken na Futari”(Two in the Face of Danger) was his 6th single as a solo artist, released in April 1973. The song is an uptempo pop/rock piece in which the male protagonist playfully teases his older, beautiful paramour when she wants to stop the affair. It was a possible case of art imitating life since the lyricist, Kazumi Yasui(安井かずみ), was having a romantic relationship with Sawada at the time until the ultimate breakup; Yasui was 9 years older than her lover who was 25.

But no matter the connection, “Kiken na Futari”earned a Japan Record Award and was the first song by Sawada as a solo artist to hit No. 1 on the Oricon charts and eventually became the 5th-ranked single for 1973.

Shortly after the breakup between Sawada and Yasui, the young singer married the late Emi Ito(伊藤エミ) of The Peanuts in 1975.

courtesy of Kenji Sawada (?)
from Flickr