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Psycho-Pass Episode 05 – The Case of Spooky Boogie’s Death




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Alternative title:
サイコパス (Japanese)
Plot Summary: The series takes place in the near future, when it is
possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person’s state of mind and
personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term
“Psycho-Pass” in the anime’s title refers to a standard used to
measure an individual’s being. The story centers around the “enforcement
officer” Shinya Kōgami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.
Episode Title: Nobody Knows Your Face
Daremo shiranai anata no kao
Thanks go to FUNimation for the

Akane must do the apology of shame since she was the one that got
Spooky Boogie involved in the case. I’m going to call her Spooky Boogie’s
avatar because Spooky Boogie’s controller was murdered and sliced into tiny
pieces at the end of last episode. Spooky Boogie’s avatar has a hard time
accepting the apology and uses one of the oldest phrases known to man: If I’m
sorry was enough, then they wouldn’t need police. Since they screwed up, the
man they were after got away. Spooky Boogie’s avatar sighs and says how much
this sucks; she should never have cooperated with the police and decides to
back out. She is the online anarchist idol, after all.
Defeated, Akane sighs and takes off her headgear. It was a no go,
but it isn’t like they were friends to begin with. Akane didn’t even know who
was behind Spooky Boogie’s avatar to begin with. All she knew was that Spooky
Boogie was a classmate. Kogami asks if they recorded the conversation, and yes
they did. The group is all together now watching Talisman’s community. They
find it slightly ironic that all of these people are going to the ghost of
Hayama Kimihiko to ask for advice when they probably don’t know that he is
dead. Talisman avatar is playing a dangerous game here. Instead of keeping
quiet and hiding after last’s night ordeal, he publicly shows off what happened
in the club as if it is some kind of hero’s tale.
Ginoza wants to know what game Talisman’s avatar is playing. If he
was just trying to make it seem that Hayama was still alive then he wouldn’t
have been so clumsy to not use his bank account and nor would he have left
obvious signs that he is dead by leaving his house empty for two months. Kogami
warns Ginoza to stop trying to get into the mind of a criminal. The air becomes
heavy. A fight doesn’t break out, mostly because a fight would be beneath both
men and who knows what kind of trouble Kogami would get into even if it was
Ginoza’s deliberate attitude that caused the whole thing. 
Ginoza tells the computer lady (sorry, I forgot her name) to do a
scan for all of Talisman’s access points. He is going after the person
controlling Talisman directly. Kogami tells Ginoza how futile that is because
of how prepared he was for the ambush last night when he hacked into the
holo-spheres. Ginoza doesn’t want to sit on their butts all day with their prey
playing around in front of him, but Kogami thinks that there is another way
they can capture him. Kogami wants to check into something. Ginoza gives him
permission to do so, but he will still be checking the access routes.
Spooky Boogie backing out of helping the police @ Rewriting LifeDiscussing the course of the investigation @ Rewriting LifeGinoza's and Kogami's relationship @ Rewriting Life

Tomomi can’t seem to figure out why the net is so popular among the
younger generation. Akane jokes and calls him a surviving member of an
endangered species. She goes on to explain the net is simple, yet informative
terms so that Tomomi can clearly understand her the first time. Akane would be
perfect as a teacher. Tomomi asks Akane if she knows this famous philosopher
and his works. She knows the name, but doesn’t know his works inside and out.
She goes to check online, but there’s no point because Tomomi is a walking
encyclopedia for the guy.
Tomomi present Akane with a thinking problem. There are two hunters
that are heading out to hunt rabbits. Should they split up and hunt smaller
prey, or stick together and hunt one big prey? Instantly Akane answers the bigger
prey because humans are naturally sociable creatures. All of our modern tools f
communication from currency, language, and writing are there to benefit
mankind’s sociable nature. Meanwhile, Kogami is perusing his idea. He is
intently playing back Spooky Boogie’s first encounter when she agreed to become
an agent of CID to help them in their case against Talisman. He is comparing
this first encounter to the one that happened today when Spooky Boogie’s avatar
refused to help them any more.  
Kogami finds what he was looking for. There is a discrepancy between
the first and second recordings. When Spooky Boogie’s controller was still
alive she called the police by a very specific name (MWPSB); however, the
second recording showed Spooky Boogie’s avatar calling them as ‘police’. This
may be just a coincidence, so they check back as far as they can go into Spooky
Boogie’s chat log and they get startling results. Spooky Boogie’s never uses
the word police, it’s always MWPSB. There you have it. Kogami has concluded
that they are hunting a murderer that kills a person and assumes their online
As this is going on with Akane’s squad, Ginoza’s squad has arrived
at the location where they traced back Talisman’s access routes. It is an
apartment building in the poor side of town. They enter the apartment complex
and use one of their police robots to scan with. They also use the robot to
breach the door. No one inside the apartment, but there is a trap laying in
wait the moment that they step in too far. A bomb explodes from the living room
just as Shuusei was taking his first step inside. The serial killer gets a call
about some hunting dogs that stepped into their trap. It’s about time. He still
wants to continue his operation; he feels that he has a duty to perform. That’s
all fine and good and his boss can set up as many proxy servers that he
requires, but he is told to tread carefully now that the police are on their
Tomomi talks philosophy with Akane @ Rewriting LifeExplosion in downtown poor city @ Rewriting LifeThe suspect getting a call about the explosion @ Rewriting Life

Ginoza’s squad is okay. Ginoza is the only one injured and his
injury is a sprained wrist. Yayoi makes a joke about how Ginoza has been
naughty lately, and that is why he got injured. Kogami calls Ginoza to let him
know about Spooky Boogie becoming another murder victim. They looked into
Akane’s past to see if there is anyone connected to affiliated money and a name
kicks back, Shoko Sugawara. She was twenty years old. The murder happened in
her room just like with Hayama Kimihiko. They found traces of her body in the
sewer, and yet her avatar is still moving around online. They were able to
determine the time of death as just before dawn, which means that she died very
soon after the raid. Ginoza orders everyone back to the office so they can
rethink their strategy in light of this new information. 
Akane is very depressed and feels responsible for Shoko’s death.
Tomomi has trouble cheering Akane up. It’s up to Kogami. He asks Akane if she
used Spooky Boogie as a decoy (no), if she forced her into cooperating with
them (again, no), and did she reveal her information to the enemy (again, no);
then what is there to feel guilty about? Akane sees the reasoning in Kogami’s
argument, but she still feels guilty because the end result was Shoko’s death.
It’s true that if they apprehended the person controlling Talisman last night
that Shoko might not have did, but thy can’t go into the past to change the
present. You learn from your mistakes and you grow. The responsibility for
Shoko’s death lies with everyone in the squad for allowing Talisman to slip
through their fingers.
When they arrive back at the office, they learn of a third incident.
This one’s account is called Melancholia’s Rainy Blue; the account belongs to
an 82 year old, but his grandkid begged him and finally the grandpa gave in and
gave the kid his name and account information. The grandson died half a year
ago in an accident. The kid’s name was Yuichi Tokito, 14 years old. His avatar
is called Melancholia and it is still walking around. His grandfather doesn’t
know how to access social networks, and on top of that he thought the affiliate
money was his pension. Akane informs everyone that Rainy Blue is a big
Ghost avatars are appearing all over the place now. The culprit
behind these murders must be quite the actor to pull off so many different
personas without raising suspicion. It is possible that one person can control
multiple accounts, if that is all they do. Ginoza wants to know why thousands
of people on multiple accounts haven’t noticed that anything is strange with
their idols. Idols are icons, Kogami explains; icons cannot exist on their own.
They gained popularity thanks to their legions of fans based on their own
distorted perceptions. The idol’s character and feelings don’t honestly have
anything to do with the person controlling them. In a way, it’s not hard to see
how a fan could control an idol better than the real owner can. 
Spooky Boogie's profile @ Rewriting LifeOnly Ginoza is injured @ Rewriting LifeChasing the suspect through access routes @ Rewriting Life
A fan of all three murder cases is the only person possible that
could manage to do this. His level of enthusiasm is only matched by their
online activity in these three communities. If this is true, Ginoza asks Kogami
how he will determine who the culprit is because he knows deep down that there
must be a lot of people who are fans of all three communities. Kogami replies
that there are several ways to narrow down their search. First, there’s
Talisman’s ‘top one hundred fans’ chart among the regular members in the
community. He asks the blonde computer tech to show a graph of each person’s
activity around the time when Hayama Kimihiko died.
The graph shows a downward trend detailing Talisman’s popularity
going down and then there is a sharp increase at precisely two months ago with
Talisman was murdered and the other person assumed his identity. At this point,
there are only a few regulars who stopped appearing at Talisman’s community.
This is the trend they will follow when they look at Spooky Boogie’s and
Melancholia’s communities. Only a person who stopped appearing as a regular
just before the deaths can be the murderer of all three. Once the culprit
assumed the owner’s identity, there was no point visiting the community with
his own avatar, and that is why they are looking into people who have
spontaneously stopped appearing at these communities. Now, the only problem is
finding which avatar was a fan of all three that stopped going to these
communities when their owners were killed.
The computer kicks back one name, Masatake Mido. They are staring at
the photo of their suspect for multiple homicides. He is twenty-seven years old
and works at a virtual sports management company. Tomomi does a background
check and finds out that Mido’s last Hue Check was four years ago during an
annual checkup. Tomomi is amazed that Mido was able to walk by daily scan
points on his way to work. He deliberately chose routes that took him away from
the scan points, though it took away a considerable amount of time from his day
in doing so. Ginoza is convinced this guy is their man and orders an access
point trace on his. It was already being preformed. They find out that his last
activity was a few minutes ago from a hotel in Roppongi, Minato Ward. They were
also able to locate his home in the same ward.
They split their team up into their normal squads. Akane’s team will
head to the hotel while Ginoza’s team goes to the suspect’s home. Ginoza warns them
that the suspect is good at hacking a holo-field and is known to be versatile
with explosives. Everyone make sure to be on your guard at all times. Tomomi
has a bottle of alcohol, which is the best thing to counter a holo-field. This
is a tip that Akane will learn once she turned twenty. Akane’s team corners
Mido in his hotel room, but Mido is not going down so easily. He not only can
hack into holo-cosplays, but he can also hack into holo-interiors that change a
room’s appearance. Mido sends Akane’s team down a whacked out drug trip while
he runs out of the room into the hallway.
Discovering the third victim @ Rewriting LifeKogami tells Ginoza about the second known victim @ Rewriting LifeAkane is depressed with Shoko's death @ Rewriting Life

Tomomi is able to destroy the room’s holo-interior by drinking a
gulp of the alcohol and using a lighter to create a flamethrower, which he used
to trick the fire alarms into spraying water everywhere. Instantly the
holo-interior shatters and they can clearly see their target. Kogami points his
Dominator at Mido and it registers over 300 points. Mido is well beyond
rehabilitation, lethal enforcement is the only method to stopping him at this
point. Mido uses the time the gun takes to transform to get away. The second
the gun finishes transforming Kogami shoots at Mido. Mido’s left arm gets hit
and explodes, leaving him only a bloody stump for an arm roughly two inches.
With this kind of injury, Mido can’t hope to get far. They decide to leave the
rest up to Ginoza’s team while Akane’s team deals with the situation here at
the hotel.
Mido manages to get home where he presses a button on his keyboard
that turns on his holo-interior. The three avatars of people whom he killed
also appear in the room and welcome him back home. Mido has a pleasant
conversation with them, calling them eternal and the closest thing to Plate’s
‘Idea’. They have gained souls. And with just the press of one button, Mido’s
avatars were taken control by Mido’s boss. Mido’s boss, Makishima, was
interested in Mido and that was why he gave him people and resources. But know
that he knows all that he needs to know about Mido and his talent of
controlling avatars, Makishima doesn’t need Mido anymore.
Ginoza’s team arrives at Mido’s home and they come upon Mido arguing
with what look to be the avatars. Makishima knows this little drama is coming
to a close and asks Mido not to use a borrowed idea, but to go out with a bang
using one of his own ideas. Mido is the perfect actor in many ways, and yet
when you look at the person himself, he really and truly is a nobody. Ginoza’s
team carefully takes aim and eliminates Mido’s existence, bringing this portion
of the case to a close. They are curious to know how Mido was talking to,
though no one else is in the apartment.
There is a sense of fulfillment in knowing that Shoko’s killer
received justice. Ginoza commends Akane for a job well done for this case.
Akane is a little put off that Kogami was able to instantly see and pave a path
to the ending, but that’s just how Enforcers are. They are able to think like
the criminal psychologically because in their own distorted way they are just
like them. Now Akane is really confused by Kogami’s words when he comforted
her. She doesn’t understand how he can do that with her and still have a mind
like Mido’s. Ginoza advises Akane to stop thinking about it and to simply focus
on the job as Inspector. She needs to draw a line between Inspectors and
Graphing regulars for each of the three victim's communities @ Rewriting LifeMasatake Mido's photo, the serial killer suspect @ Rewriting LifeThe crazy hotel room experience @ Rewriting Life
It’s not the ironclad rule of the job; this is Ginoza’s own law
because he once lost a partner who made a mistake. He doesn’t want Akane to
make the same mistake that he did and so he sends her a file from the Personnel
Department. Ginoza tells her to destroy after reading it. The file belongs to
Kogami. He was once an Inspector, but his Crime Coefficient became too great
and he refused therapy sessions in favor of hi job. He was then deemed a Latent
Criminal and was demoted to the rank of Enforcer.
Urobuchi is a genius when it comes to these shows. He always seems
to add a little bit of philosophy in the shows that he works on. Take Puella
Madoka for example, he added quite a bit from the Freudian mythos as a backbone
for the contract with Kyubey. In this show he’s playing off of Plato’s theories
and philosophies. It’s just little teaks to the story like these that make it
more entertaining and provides food for thought after each episode.
The fact that Kogami was Ginoza’s partner and a former Inspector was
nicely revealed. The scene was perfectly portrayed in that it was lightly
thrown in there, but there was enough impact that left my mind in shock by this
information. It was hinted at through the show with how close you can feel
Kogami and Ginoza (Kogami calling him by the nickname Gino), and yet you can
also feel an impassable chasm between the two, forever keeping them apart. I
don’t think I could come up with a better reveal if I had a full year to think
about it than how it was shown.
Kogami aims and fires @ Rewriting Life
What I find interesting is that the real person behind all of these
murders is Kogami’s nemesis. I wonder what his reaction to this fact will be
once it is made known to him. I bet, other than making him extremely mad and
increasing his Crime Coefficient, is that Ginoza or someone else in their squad
will have to stun Kogami to keep him from doing something stupid and possibly
needing to be lethally put down.
When Makishima stole the avatars of Spooky Boogie, Talisman, and Melancholia,
it made my mind reel with wonder and excitement because this guy is a person
that knows how to control others. He is the head of their group for a reason.
Will he lead a revolution, being an anarchist? Is he doing this just for fun?
As with all genius madmen leaders, he has an agenda. I just can’t seem to
figure out what it is. To put it in the best terms, I can’t psychologically
relate with a criminal who has killed people. Kogami and the other Enforcers
can, so we just have to sit back and enjoy the show while it lasts.
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