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Psycho-Pass Episode 04 – Talisman and Spooky Boogie




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Psycho-Pass Cover Image @ Rewriting Life
Alternative title:
サイコパス (Japanese)
Plot Summary: The series takes place in the near future, when it is
possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person’s state of mind and
personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term
“Psycho-Pass” in the anime’s title refers to a standard used to
measure an individual’s being. The story centers around the “enforcement
officer” Shinya Kōgami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.
Episode Title: Nobody Knows Your Mask
Daremo shiranai anata no kamen
Thanks go to FUNimation for the

Here at Talisman Saloon, customers tell the workers about their
friends’ problems. It is a place where people go to gossip and to relieve
stress about their ‘friends’, those what-if situations when they are really
talking about themselves. We have Ayano has a guest, speaking with Talisman
about her friend having trouble at her work because of a colleague that she has
trouble trusting now that she has seen his real personality emerge. This is
pretty much a psychedelic drug trip for the first some odd amount of minutes.
The Talisman, a joker like figure, tells Ayano that her answer lies always in
her story. She should face his true character.
All of the Enforcers have things to do to keep their minds human
when they don’t have a job to do. Where Shuusei plays video games, Yayoi dives
into music, and Kogami pushes his body to the limit with training, Tomomi takes
a rather refined path in his age old with painting. He’s a very good painter.
Ayano is visiting Tomomi while he is painting to get his thoughts about what
she should do about Kogami. She heard one line of advice telling her to
understand Kogami’s real personality. Another line of advice that she received
told her to not treat him like a human being. Tomomi laughed at this one,
knowing that it was Inspector Ginoza that said it.
Tomomi thinks that dogs are dogs and owners are owners. Ayano should
stick to her own side so as not to rock the boat. Though his advice is very
similar to that of Ginoza, Ayano can feel and added something in his words,
perhaps the experience of life seeing as he is the oldest member of their
squad? Understanding Kogami will mean that Ayano will have to do as he does and
think as he thinks, but if she did that then she would have the same level of
Psycho-Pass that he does. She would be considered a latent criminal. Kogami is
a dark person whose only justice lies in that dark world. If Ayano really wants
to go down this path of searching for Kogami’s real personality, then there’s
nothing more that he can say. He can’t stop her just like he couldn’t stop Ko.
Ayano gets a call form Ginoza. There’s been an incident. Today
Tomomi and Yayoi are off duty, so it will just be Ayano, Ginoza, Kogami, and
Shuusei today. Today they will be investigating the mysterious disappearance of
one Kimihiko Hayama, unemployed, single, 32 years old. Management of his
apartment building became suspicious and called these guys when it came to
their attention that Hayama’s toilet has been broken for two months now and it
was never reported. Ayano thinks that it is strange that someone would be
unemployed in this day and age where the Sybil System directs you to the
nearest and best job fitting your qualifications. Ginoza checked into it and it
would seem that Hayama is getting paid through affiliate online. Why work when
you can live the good life by being popular online?
Talisman's playfield @ Rewriting LifeAyano talks with Talisman @ Rewriting LifeTomomi has serious painting skills @ Rewriting Life
Ayano wonders if perhaps Hayama is just taking a long, extended
vacation somewhere, but Ginoza says that is impossible. These apartments and
this city automatically leave a trace the second you step out your door. It’s
impossible to go anywhere without it being known where and when. Besides,
Hayama’s bank account shows no withdrawals for at least two months. Kogami and
Shuusei both smile as they voice their opinions that Hayama is dead. It’s
easier to be killed than it is to disappear. Ginoza calmly, though with
authority, tells them not to make such baseless conclusions so quickly.
They turn on the room hologram system, which records the room the
exact way it was the last time it was turned on. Because you can’t sit on
holograms, the room is supposed to sync up automatically with furniture, and
that is where they get their first big break. The couch has been moved from its
original location. Kogami and Shuusei heave it out of the way while Ayano
checks beneath the rug where it sat. What was once excitement fizzled into
disappointment. The couch was hiding a scratch. That’s it, at least that’s all
that their eyes can see. They order a Crime Lab Drone to scan it. Kogami has
also found traces of adhesive tape. The rest are a step behind Kogami, but
Kogami’s dog nose is telling him that he has found the beginning thread to the
secret of how Hayama disappeared without a trace.
Kogami explains his theory. First you would need to kill him in a
way that would cause him to bleed. Poisoning, I believe, would be the most
effective way, but to be safe Kogami lists a few other options that the
murderer had, including strangling, heart attack, and electric shock. Like
Dexter from the popular Sho Time series, the murderer(s) would then lay out
plastic sheet and place the body on top of it to dismember it into tiny pieces,
down even to atoms where it would be easy to flush the body down the bath or
toilet. Ayano puts a hand to her mouth at the mere thought of the horrific instant
to keep her breakfast down.
Hayama probably resisted the murderer(s) which caused the scratch.
The murderer(s) were also careless to leave the adhesive tape behind on the
wall. Despite this act of sheer willpower, Kogami believes that the murderer(s)
were amateurs. Like Ayano, Ginoza is having trouble believing all of this, but
he at least knows how powerful the scent of one of his dogs can be. If Tomomi
were here, he’d have sniffed all of this out the instant he took a step inside.
Kogami asks Ginoza to check the sewers for traces of blood. Until they get
their results back, there is nothing more they can discuss. 
Inspecting Kimihiko's room @ Rewriting LifeFinding inconsistencies with the room @ Rewriting LifeAyano tells everyone about the Talisman avatar @ Rewriting Life
While this is going on, Shuusei successfully hacked into Hayama’s
computer. His avatar is the Talisman joker. What, says Ayano. She visited this
avatar just this morning, she talked to it and they had a pleasant
conversation. What is going on here? The results from the Crime Lab Drones
finally came through. They have successfully found the remains of Kimihiko
Hayama, but now the problems begins of figuring out who is continuing to use
Hayama’s Commufield on the net and using Hayama’s avatar. Shuusei jokes around,
calling the crime a horror story about a ghost that can’t move on and starts
living in the net. They don’t know yet if someone is using Hayama’s avatar, but
they do know that Hayama was fooling around with fake IPs just before his
Something that is working in their favor this time is the fact that
their suspect isn’t hiding or fleeing, thus making their job a lot easier. This
is because their suspect has layered him- or herself many times through the net
with various proxies. In essence, their suspect is dancing around flamboyantly
right in front of them. If they play their cards just right, they can nail the
suspect in a lie. Now all that’s left for them to do is to get in contact with
this talisman avatar. It’s not a bad idea, Tomomi says, but who is going to do
Ayano’s avatar is the same from the beginning of the episode; it
looks like a chibi version of her real self. Ginoza’a avatar is right next to
hers and his is a dime (American money coin). They trail the talisman avatar
through other Commufields. The one they end up in is the Spooky Boogie
Commufield, a popular online forum place if you wish to think of it like that.
Ayano warns Ginoza to be careful because the owner of this Commufield is famous
for being an anarchist. Should he find out they are detectives, it could become
a big problem.
Ginoza asks Ayano if the person controlling Hayama’s avatar and the Spooky
Boogie owner know each other. Well, they are both pretty famous online, but
whether or not the real people behind the mask know each other is a different
story entirely. Ginoza wants to check both parties log-in data; if they
interact with each other… but Ayano has suddenly gone missing. Ayano appears in
a room that is materializing into a small room with a single table and fancy
décor. Spooky Boogie appears across from Ayano at the table. Spooky Boogie
invited Lemonade Candy to her private chat because Ayano’s avatar is pretty
famous. Or, should Spooky Boogie call her instead Ayano? The person behind the
Spooky Boogie avatar seems to have gone to school with Ayano, because she tells
Ayano that if she can figure out who is Spooky Boogie, then she will treat
Ayano at their class reunion. 
Data results come back @ Rewriting LifeSpooky Boogie's home @ Rewriting LifeSpeaking alone with Spooky Boogie @ Rewriting Life
Spooky Boogie wants to know why an inspector from the CID has come
to her Commufield. It doesn’t look like she is here to play around. With her
identity to obvious revealed, Ayano doesn’t bother with trying to deceive this
person any longer and immediately starts asking Spooky Boogie is she has seen
anything strange in Talisman’s behavior with the past two months. No, but then Spooky
Boogie thinks that Ayano should really be asking if he became strange two
months ago; that’s when he started speaking erratically and started hosting
events so obviously intended to garner affiliated money. Anti-Talisman support
was growing and they soon began to believe that his popularity would plummet.
To be fair, it would seem that Talisman has mended his bad ways and
started life anew. Still, an avatar that has plummeted in popularity has a
really hard time getting back their audience. Spooky Boogie asks if this is
some kind of investigation into Talisman. Ayano can’t reveal the details yet,
but what she does say sparks an interest in Spooky Boogie. Spooky Boogie
volunteers to help the CID, mostly because of how ironic it would be for the
government to receive help from an anarchist and because the might possibly use
this as a bargaining chip in the future.
Spooky Boogie is really awesome and creepy, as her name implies. She
is a cat avatar with a safety pin through her neck and when she speaks to her
forum, she hangs herself high above them from a post above her pumpkin house.
Like Rikka from Chuunibyou, Spooky Boogie wears a heart-shaped eye patch
covering her right eye. Spooky Boogie’s plan is to hold a rather modest plan
with members of her forum in which she will duel Talisman for the White Crown
that she currently holds. Ayano reports the party to her squad back at HQ. The
problem now is if Talisman will really come, but Ayano doesn’t think there is
an issue because his popularity will drop significantly if he doesn’t show up.
The person masquerading as Talisman bothered to stay in the limelight of the
net, so this is a big deal for his avatar, a chance to become the king of the
internet. He will show up.
It doesn’t matter what his avatar looks like. If his crime
coefficient is high enough, then they can step in and deal out justice, hopefully
apprehending their suspect. Oddly, the party will be held in the real world at
a club. The squad positions themselves strategically around and inside the
building, waiting for their suspect to arrive. They spot their suspect
arriving, but Ayano, Tomomi, and Kogami are too far away to point their
Dominators at him, mostly because there are too many people in the way. Ayano
activates her Dominator gun and turns on her holographic clothes to resemble
her avatar. She then steps onto the dance floor.
Spooky Boogie @ Rewriting LifeAt the nightclub @ Rewriting LifeThe Talisman avatar @ Rewriting Life
The owner of the club has a detector for Dominator. He knows there
is a detective down there on the dance floor. He gives warning to Talisman to
get away, because it would be troublesome if he were caught. Don’t worry,
Talisman says, he has no plans of getting caught and he still has unfinished
business. A loud, ringing sound brings the club to a stop. A red light goes off
and remains after the ringing sound stops. When Ayano looks back up, to her
horror everyone’s hologram avatars has turned into Talisman. The guests are all
panicking, they are innocent in this. But Talisman and the club owner both know
that Spooky Boogie laid a trap for them. She will be punished.
Tomomi and Kogami instantly react. They start pointing their
Dominators at everyone in hopes that the Crime Coefficient of their suspect
will give him away. The problem is that just about everyone there in the
Talisman costume, except for Ayano, has a Crime Coefficient and are suspect to
being apprehended. This changed from a stakeout operation with one single
objective, to close to fifty latent criminals. The latent criminals spill out
onto the street in their bid to get away. When that happened, they know that
their suspect managed to get away.
Spooky Boogie has to deal with all of her raging fanbase believing
that she put them into a trap to be captured by the CID. She is supposed to be
an agent of anarchy, but she was secretly playing the lapdog of the government.
Spooky Boogie and Talisman have one last stare down before Shoko Sugawara, the
person behind Spooky Boogie, is killed. But Spooky Boogie will not die; instead
she will live on and continue giving hope to all of her adoring fans. The
person behind the mask may have died, but Spooky Boogie will live on.
Meanwhile, Shoko was killed by strangulation and her body laid out
ritualistically on a plastic sheet, her hands bound, ready to be cut up into
tiny pieces.
Now this was a good episode. We finally get to see a glimpse of the
main enemy in this episode, or what I believe to be the main enemy. It’s good
to see that the old geezers in the CID squad have very little experience with
the net. Without Ayano, this mission would have never happened. Maybe that
would be for the better, because the whole thing turned into a fiasco. They didn’t
catch their suspect and he is still unknown. And now they have two bodies on
their hands, presumably by the same person. It’s clear that the main enemy is
using the same MO (kill some famous avatar that has betrayed expectations of
their fans, dismember them, and control their avatars to keep the public
Why are they doing this though? I can’t see any end game except that
they will have control over large portions of the population with which they
can spoil their minds and control the public opinion. Ayano is quickly becoming
a productive member of their group, but she is still pretty much useless when
it comes to field work. She is as clueless as ever as to the inner workings of
how they do their business. I wonder why Inspector Ginoza hates the Enforcers
so much, but I’m even more curious about why he refuses to let them use their
instinct instead of following scientific fact. What happened in his past to
make him like this?
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