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Tanaka Reina to Graduate and start her new band

Today it was announced that 6th generation member Tanaka Reina will graduate Morning Musume and Hello!Project to focus on her currently unnamed band. 

I wasn’t very suprised by this news, to be honest. When the auditions for Reina’s band were announced, I kinda figured she would be graduating in the near future. It was kind of a suprise that the spring tour name was announced yesterday and that it was: Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2013 Spring Michishige☆Eleven SOUL. It kinda sounded like Sayu would be graduating and not Reina. But today it was announced that not Sayumi, but Reina would be graduating Morning Musume and that the title would be changed to: モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2013春 ミチシゲ☆イレブンSOUL ~田中れいな卒業記念スペシャル~ 
This is the normal name with Tanaka Reina graduation special behind it I believe.

It’s sad news that another Morning Musume member will be leaving the group pretty soon (around may I think). But I also understand that Sakura was choosen to take a lot of Reina’s lines (although I kinda hope other get lines too). Tsunku and Reina left a message on the Hello!Project site:
And it was translated by Upfront link on Facebook: 

On the other hand, we already know what Reina is going to do after graduating. Her bandmembers have been announced today and the band even got their own site. The band doesn’t have a name yet (for now it’s Reina’s band), fans can email idea’s and if I understand it right there is even a possibility to still audition for the band. For now there are four members including Reina. Let’s introduce them:

We see two vocalists (Reina and a new girl) and two girls who play the guitar.
The other vocalist is Okada Marina and she is 19 years old.
The first guitarist is Uozumi Yuki and she is 21 years old.
The second guitaris is Miyazawa Marin and she is 19 years old.
The girls look promising and I can’t wait to hear more from them. I really hope this band will be a great succes <3.
More pictures from the announcement:

The site for the band: http://www.reinaband.com/