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Preparing for One Last Wink… Tanaka Reina to Graduate Morning Musume in 2013!

I sear, I wake up to some of the worst news possible on this planet…
It has been just a day since the rumour that Michishige Sayumi would graduate sprung up, creating tears and hope that she would not leave the group. Well, guess what, she isn’t, so save your tears, because someone else is graduating…

Winky shall be no more…

Courtesy of Hello! Project Fans facebook page

We all saw it coming though, so don’t deny it. Her day was looming nearer, but honestly…? I’m a little shocked, and that’s because I thought she would stay for another two years, or another year at the very least. But, again, we all saw it coming, and we all knew deep down in our hearts (or the ice that replaces mine) that she would bolt before Sayu.

And, understandably, she’s running off with her new band.

Reina Tanaka Official Comment 

First thank you for your continued support.It has been decided that, I, Reina Tanaka, will graduate from Morning Musume。、as well as from Hello! Project at the end of next spring’s tour!I have announced my graduation today on the stage in front of the fans and I introduced as well the 3 members of the band, I will now take off to a new stage!I have been a 6th generation member of Morning Musume。 for almost 10 years and this year the group is celebrating its 15th anniversary. I think this is a turning point, a challenge for me to try another music activity, with the start of this band.There is around 6 months left until I will be a Morning Musume。 member, with the January Hello! Project lives in January and the next tour.So please support the Reina Tanaka’s member of Morning Musume。 which will sing in front of you and for my following activities as well!

“Bye, bitches! I’m off to greener pastures!” -cackles and winks manically-

I will be honest and say that there is a lot of shock going on here for me, more so because I did think that she would stick around for a little while longer, test the waters with her band and then leave to focus more on her other activities. But, as many have said before me, she has looked, or even been, bored with Morning Musume for a while now. After losing Ai to graduation, she had no more competition, and losing Gaki meant losing further competition when it came to good vocals within the group. Losing Kamei back in 2010 meant that she lost one of her rocks rooting her to MM, and the same went for Aika, who she was particularly close to. If you think about it, Reina realy doesn’t have anyone within the group that she is particularly close to, so in a way, it’s understandable that she would want to leave anyway.

But this will probably be one of the biggest impacts on Morning Musume since the 9th gen joined. Reina has been the lead singer for a long time, and has been one of the most well-known faces of Morning Musume since even before her debut. She is, basically, Morning Musume, and she has held it for over nearly 10 years now. It’s definitely going to be weird not seeing Reina, because she is a very prominent member in the line-up – even as someone who doesn’t care about her I know that!
It’s weird, to say the least. It feels like it’s a dream in a way, but honestly, it probably is time for Reina to graduate, and when she does… well, she’ll go out with a bang (I hope), because she is so relied on. So I hope that her PV has 1) A BUDGET, 2) NO SPARKLES (but this is Reina, so sparkles are mandatory, urgh) 3) NO AUTO-TUNE 4) WINKING GALORE and 5) A GIANT EFFING ROCKET
… or Something…
This also needs to happen, because it would be fucking AWESOME!!!
A lot of fans will be upset, I know they will, because it’s Reina… I’m not a fan of Reina myself, but plenty of my friends love her and bow down to this girl and her bow, and honestly, it is a little upsetting, but I will get over it, just like I did the ther graduations. Morning Musume is changing so fast, and soon, some people won’t be able to recognise the group.
Once her graduation happens, Morning Musume will be totally reborn in my opinion. The reign of Fukumura is actually nearing, and honestly… that’s a scary thought, guys. The new generation will soon lead Morning Musume without the help of the older members, which only makes Sayu’s graduation closer… Oh god no!
I actually wonder who The Midget Meister will cling to now…
Oh my god, who will be the new lead vocals? Not Riho, Not Riho, NOT EFFING RIHO!!!! Yeah it’s gonna be Riho, isn’t it? Urgh…
Ironic how the concert tour is named after Sayu, but it’s the end of Reina’s Morning Musume reign

Bish be overshadowing my Blog’s Cake Day!

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