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Tanaka Reina graduation thoughts

“I have been a 6th generation member of Morning Musume。 for almost 10 years and this year the group is celebrating its 15th anniversary. I think this is a turning point, a challenge for me to try another music activity, with the start of this band.”
So it’s Reina‘s turn. I’m not really sad. Reina’s okay, but not one of my favourites. She’s been in for a long time and honestly – Morning musume lead singer must change already.
I believe this change will be positive to both Reina and Morning musume. I’m looking forward to Reina’s band – maybe more mature, k-pop-like feeling and that it wouldn’t be known as Reina’s band, but a great, independent Japanese girlband. I think it could be awesome.
Morning musume then, eh? As I said, the lead must change. I think Tsunku’s been a bit afraid with Reina’s graduation – because she’s such a beloved and strong character. But Morning musume must be able to go on without her. There are many other girls with great voices, and I think the change will be good. Now they have space to do something else when they don’t have to think about Reina all the time. And that was not her fault, but the company’s, I think. May sound rude,  but they must get over the utahime.
I hope Reina will get over the H!P Reina and become a loved idol as herself.
Reina will graduate after the ~Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Graduation Special~ tour in Spring 2013. She will continue her career with a band. Three members were already announced as the band members - Okada Marina (19), Uozumi Yuki (21) & Miyazawa Marin (19). Picture above ^o^
The band has no name yet, but you can submit one here ⇒ band-name@reinaband.com

What kind of feelings do you have about this graduation? Anyone curious why the tour name also has “Michishige” in it?