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Ya so Tanaka Reina is Graduating

Ya so its official, that concert we all freak out obout was for nothing. Tanaka Reina will be graduating MoMusu and H!P to focus on her band. We all new this was coming but crap! I’m still in shock! I knew once they started scouting for her band she would be leaving MoMusu but I feel as if its too soon. Gah! 

Ya that about sums up how I feel about this whole thing! lolz But in all seriousness I’m really depressed now. I really like Reina’s voice and her personality. Its hard to imagine a MoMusu song without her. But regardless of how I or any other Wota feels this is the reality we gotta deal with. its just so sad to see Tanakacchi leaving. Well just cause I feel like it!


Random Wota Out!