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Tokiwa Takako to star in drama SP “Yurichika e Mama kara no dengon”

Tokiwa Takako will star in the TV Asahi drama SP “Yurichika e Mama kara no dengon” to be shown on 26 January next year at 9pm. The story is based on a book written by Terenin Akiko who died of spinal cord cancer at the age of 36 in 2008. Before she passed away, Terenin wrote the book for her only daughter Yuria who was just born at that time which contained words of advice about love, friendship, studying and fashion etc. that she would have liked to teach her daughter about personally if she was still alive. While bearing with pain and the horror of facing death, Terenin continued to keep a diary which was later published into a book in 2007 by a Fukuoka City publisher Shoshikankanbo that sold 70,000 copies. This was a feat considering that books from publishers outside of the metropolitan area rarely sold as many copies. In addition, the book also won the No.1 title in FujiTV’s programme The Best House 123 in its most tear-jerking non-fiction book category. Singer Kawaguchi Kyogo also wrote a song about Terenin in 2009 titled “Kimi ni nokosu tegami” in a bid to remember what Terenin had done for her daughter.

Tokiwa will play the role fo Terenin in this drama SP meant to mark TV Asahi’s Nagoya TV’s 50th anniversary. During the filming in June and July this year, Tokiwa had also visited Terenin’s mother to find out more about Terenin herself. As for the role of her Russian husband, it will be played by Tanabe Seiichi, Terenin’s mother to be played by Toake Yukiyo and the editor in charge of Terenin’s book will be played by Katahira Nagisa.

As for the theme song “Sousouka”, it will be sung by rap unit Hilcrhyme.

Source: Sanspo