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Tokiwa Takako Still Stunning After All These Years

Up to Episode 7 of LOSS TIME LIFE, and this time around, it’s centered around a Mob Boss’ Wife played  both elegant and tough by the lovely Takako Tokiwa.

First saw her in Aishiteru To Ittekure (Say You Love Me), waaaaaay back in 1995. Not only was that show one of the very first japanese dramas I ever watched, it crosses my mind that Takako was probably the first J-drama Crush I ever had! And I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only one. Every guy who watched that show at that time fell just a little bit in love with her, I think.

It was nice to watch this 2008 drama and see that Takako Tokiwa was still as captivating as ever, so beautiful and WHAT A GREAT ACTRESS!!!