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Tokiwa Takako & Ono Machiko in Matsumoto Seicho drama SP “Giwaku”

Tokiwa Takako and Ono Machiko will be the double leads for FujiTV drama SP “Giwaku” (Suspicion) which is the third installment under the Matsumoto Seicho 20th Death Anniversary Project. This will also be the first time that the two actresses are working together.

Tokiwa plays a lawyer Sahara Chizuru who defends Shirakawa Kumako, a violent woman accused of killing her husband for insurance money in this SP based on Matsumoto’s novel. In the original story, Sahara was a man but the producers decided to change it to a female so that they can show the contrast between Chizuru and Kumako who represent the extremes of good and evil.

Source: Sanspo