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a foolish man

TV drama "the kite in the sky >" attention "Chino Masaa in the TBS series first starred in heavy Song Qing the original story of father and son

TBS series "Sunday Theatre (9 p.m. Sunday) to be broadcast television drama" kite in the air continuously ", 13 began broadcasting.Actor Chino Masaa is with bureau of the continuous TV play first starring Takako Tokiwa, actress, television drama "long · letters to the drifting classroom." (02, Fuji TV Series) since, after 11 years of private broadcasting continuous drama performance. To be a topic.

[Photos] continuous television drama "Kite" in the air "in addition to the scene

TV play, "we selected found!Kadokawa Bunko moved to first "has also been chosen the Naoki prize author · Mr. Shigematsu Kiyo’s original novels.Thai Chuan’an male. (Mr. Chino), a foolish man, educated, but clumsy burst would hand character, "Idiot’s father".Parents are not growing in Thai, parents is not known, his wife (Mr. Chang) together with love son · Xu growth guardian, live every day.However, Xu at the age of 3, as a result of accidents has lost his wife.Regret and sorrow your peaceful, loving son recovery……The story unfolds.

16 years, Mr. Sato Takeru began playing, Mr. Chino, Mr. Chang, Mr. Kazue Fukiishi, Mr. Asou Yumi, Mr. Nomura Hiroshinobu, Ms. Kato Takako, Mr. Emoto Aki and others in.Producer Ishimaru Shiakihiko, director Mr. Hirakawa Yuichiro and others, is responsible for the script "JIN benevolence -" love in the world "and other famous Mr. Morishita Kako personally.

theme song, Fukuyama Masaharu’s "birthday of white lily use".Is the TV series from 13 onwards every Sunday at 9 pm.At the beginning of 2 hour special.(Daily News reported on January] [digital) associated period pay close attention to the TV series: melee?Juli color bud "Michelin back to" Doctor X "after the show" kite in the air "Takako Tokiwa: 11 years after the TV series starred in TBS drama" kite in the air. "" the role of mother St.: warehouse stone love doing the role of "Takashima Masanobuya" on the spot "appeared on the theatrical version of St.: Theatrical" spot "to complete an unsettled state of mind." from the mouth of the heart was "very nervous Sato Takeru:" action. "" about improper actor "Declaration director also was frightened jump

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