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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology – 54 (2-5), 2011

Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology – 54 (2), 2011


Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology

Effect of tillage systems and permanent groundcover intercropped with orange trees on soil enzyme activities
Balota, Elcio Liborio; Machineski, Oswaldo; Truber, Priscila Viviane; Auler, Pedro Antonio Martins

Enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse pretreated with acid or alkali
Pietrobon, Vivian Cristina; Monteiro, Regina Teresa Rosim; Pompeu, Georgia Bertoni; Borges, Eduardo Poggi e; Lopes, Mario Lucio; Amorim, Henrique Vianna de; Cruz, Sandra Helena da; Viégas, Ellen Karine Diniz

In vitro inhibition of adhesion of Escherichia coli strains by Xylitol
Silva, Annelisa Farah da; Suzuki, Érika Yoko; Ferreira, Aline Siqueira; Oliveira, Murilo Gomes; Silva, Sílvio Silvério da; Raposo, Nádia Rezende Barbosa

Physicochemical properties of starches from two different yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.) residues
Wang, Yugao; Zhang, Liming; Li, Xinglin; Gao, Wenyuan

Production and characterization of endo-polygalacturonase from Aspergillus niger in solid-state fermentation in double-surface bioreactor
Hendges, Diogo Henrique; Montanari, Queli; Malvessi, Eloane; Silveira, Mauricio Moura da

Production and characterization of exopolysaccharides (EPS) from biofilm forming marine bacterium
Kumar, Muthusamy Ashok; Anandapandian, Kanapathi Thangavel Kasirajan; Parthiban, Karuppiah

Response of cattleya hybrids for Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cattleyae Foster
Pedroso-de-Moraes, Cristiano; Souza, Marcelo Claro de; Ronconi, Cínthia Cristina; Marteline, Marco Aurélio

Use of RAPD molecular markers on differentiation of brazilian and chinese Ganoderma lucidum strains
Rolim, Leonardo do Nascimento; Cavalcante, Maria Auxiliadora de Queiroz; Urben, Arailde Fontes; Buso, Glaucia Salles Cortopassi

Evaluation of Caesalpinia pulcherrima endospermic gum as affinity matrices for galactose-binding lectins interaction
Braga, Renata Chastinet; Teixeira-Sá, Daniele Maria Alves; Ribeiro, Alexsandra Feitosa; Miranda, Raquel Lima; Almeida, Lia Magalhaes de; Horta, Ana Cecília Góes; Moreira, Renato de Azevedo

Human and Animal Health

Formulation and characterization of gastroretentive discs containing famotidine
Raval, Jignyasha Amitkumar; Patel, Madhabhai M

Genetic variability among the wild boars (Sus scrofa scrofa), crossbred animals and pigs using microsatellite markers (STRs)
Silva, Paula Viana Correa da; Lui, Jeffrey Frederico; Band, Guilherme de Oliveira; Regitano, Luciana Correia de Almeida; Grossi, Selma de Fátima; Sollero, Bruna Pena; Nunes, Cleujosí da Silva

Incorporation of n-3 fatty acids by the liver of mice fed linseed oil as a function of feeding duration
Perini, Joao Angelo Lima; Stevanato, Flávia Braidotti; Visentainer, Jeane Eliete Laguila; Sargi, Sheisa Cyléia; Oliveira, Marcia Machado; Souza, Nilson Evelázio; Matsushita, Makoto; Visentainer, Jesuí Vergílio

Preparation of pellets containing highly soluble drug by extrusion/spheronisation and coating with Kollicoat® SR 30D
Andreazza, Itamar Francisco; Ferraz, Humberto Gomes

Biological and Applied Sciences

Effect of plastic mulch on growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)
Ashrafuzzaman, M; Halim, M. Abdul; Ismail, Mohd Razi; Shahidullah, S.M; Hossain, M. Alamgir

External morphology of the adult of Heraclides anchisiades capys (Hübner, [1809]) (Lepidoptera – Papilionidae) III: abdomen
Leite, Luis Anderson Ribeiro; Casagrande, Mirna Martins; Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik

Food/Feed Science and Technology

Assessment of oxidation of leaves of Ilex paraguariensis (St. Hil)
Molin, Rochele Fernanda; Valduga, Alice Teresa; Di Luccio, Marco; Dartora, Nessana; Cichoski, Alexandre José; Pistore, Mônica; Rigo, Elisandra

Influence of Brettanomyces custersianus upon the activity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains during the tumultuous phase of vinification
Silva, Gildo Almeida da; Poletto, Carolina Madalozzo; Poli, Jandora Severo; Valente, Patricia

Pentachlorophenol removal by Pleurotus pulmonarius in submerged cultures
Souza, Daniela Farani de; Costa, Silvio Cláudio da; Dacome, Antonio Sérgio; Souza, Cristina Giatti Marques de; Bracht, Adelar; Peralta, Rosane Marina

Performance and macrophage activity of broilers fed with a sorghum meal with different yeast wall levels
Ferreira, Suelen Regina; Murakami, Alice Eiko; Silveira, Thais Gomes Verzignassi; Santos, José Maurício Gonçalves dos; Fernandes, Jovanir Ines Muller

Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of rice
Walter, Melissa; Marchesan, Enio

Environmental Sciences

Acute intraperitoneal mercury chloride contamination and distribution in liver, muscle and gill of a neotropical fish Hoplias malabaricus (BLOCK, 1794)
Jesus, Taise Bomfim de; Almeida, Priscila Gontijo Aguiar de; Vergílio, Cristiane dos Santos; Machado, André Luiz dos Santos; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Veiga de

Changes in nutrient loads (N, P and Si) in the Sao Francisco estuary after the construction of dams
Medeiros, Paulo Ricardo Petter; Knoppers, Bastiaan Adriaan; Cavalcante, Geórgenes Hilário; Souza, Weber Friederichs Landim de

Molecular cloning and recombinant expression of the VP28 carboxyl-terminal hydrophilic region from a brazilian white spot syndrome virus isolate
Braunig, Patricia; Rosa, Rafael Diego da; Seibert, Caroline Heidrich; Borsa, Mariana; Stoco, Patricia Hermes; Grisard, Edmundo Carlos; Pinto, Aguinaldo Roberto

Performance of pilot-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands with and without the emergent macrophyte Spartina alterniflora treating mariculture effluent
Sousa, Wilson Treger Zydowicz; Panitz, Clarice Maria Neves; Thomaz, Sidinei Magela

Quantitative analysis of foraging habitat use by ciconiiformes in the upper Paraná river Floodplain, Brazil
Gimenes, Márcio Rodrigo; Anjos, Luiz dos


Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology – 54 (3), 2011


Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology

Development and reproduction of Podisus nigrispinus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) fed with Thyrinteina arnobia (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) reared on guava leaves
Oliveira, Harley Nonato de; Espindula, Marcelo Curitiba; Duarte, Marcela Marcelino; Pereira, Fabrício Fagundes; Zanuncio, José Cola

Differential pathogenicity of Metarhizium anisopliae and the control of the sugarcane root spittlebug Mahanarva fimbriolata
Tiago, Patricia Vieira; Souza, Hilton Marcelo de Lima; Moysés, Juliano Borsato; Oliveira, Neiva Tinti de; Lima, Elza Áurea de Luna Alves

Exchangeable basic cations and nitrogen distribution in soil as affected by crop residues and nitrogen
Rosolem, Ciro Antonio

Influence of cultivar and rootstock on early growth and syllepsis in nursery trees of pear (Pyrus communis L., Rosaceae)
Milošević, Tomo; Milošević, Nebojša

Mycorrhizal efficiency in acerola seedlings with different levels of phosphorus
Balota, Elcio Liborio; Machineski, Oswaldo; Stenzel, Neusa Maria Colauto

Protein expression upon desiccation and imbibition of Magnolia ovata A. St.-Hil seeds
José, Anderson Cleiton; Silva, Edvaldo Aparecido Amaral da; Davide, Antonio Claudio; Toorop, Peter

Water type and irrigation time effects on microbial metabolism of a soil cultivated with Bermuda-grass Tifton 85
Nogueira, Sandra Furlan; Paula, Alessandra Monteiro de; Pereira, Bruno Fernando Faria; Salemi, Luiz Felippe; Fonseca, Adriel Ferreira da; Montes, Célia Regina; Victoria, Reynaldo Luiz

Human and Animal Health

Clinical aspects and relevance of molecular diagnosis in late mucocutaneous leishmaniasis patients in Paraná, Brazil
Thomaz-Soccol, Andréa; Mocellin, Marcos; Mulinari, Fabiane; Castro, Edilene Alcântara de; Queiroz-Telles, Flávio de; Alcântara, Fernanda de Souza; Bavaresco, Marcello Tortelli; Hennig, Luciane; Andraus, Anielo; Luz, Ennio; Thomaz-Soccol, Vanete

Embryonic stem-like cells derived from in vitro produced bovine blastocysts
Freitas, Erika Regina Leal de; Sanches, Bruno Valente; Gambarini, Maria Lúcia; Oliveira Filho, Benedito Dias; Guillo, Lidia Andreu

Evaluation of toxic effects with transition metal ions, EDTA, SBTI and acrylic polymers on Aedes aegypti (L., 1762) (Culicidae) and Artemia salina (Artemidae)
Arruda, Eduardo José de; Rossi, Ana Paula Leao; Andrade Porto, Karla Rejane de; Oliveira, Lincoln Carlos Silva de; Arakaki, Andrea Haruko; Scheidt, Gessiel Newton; Roel, Antonia Railda

Extracts of red yolk from duck eggs inhibit metastasis of human mammary carcinoma (4T1) cells in mice
Qi-bin, Song; Yi, Yao; Wei-guo, Hu; Sheng-hua, Zhang; Xiao-wei, Yan; Rui, Yang

Induction of ovulation in quarter horse mares through the use of deslorelin acetate and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)
Figueiredo, Tatiana; Paiva, Roman; Kozicki, Luiz Ernandes; Kaercher, Fernanda; Weiss, Romildo Romualdo; Santos, Ivo Walter dos; Muradas, Priscilla Ricabone

Biological and Applied Sciences

Glycolytic activities in size-fractionated water samples: emphasis on rhamnosidase, arabinosidase and fucosidase activities
Colombo-Corbi, Vanessa; Dellamano-Oliveira, Maria José; Vieira, Armando Augusto Henriques

New geometric models for calculation of microalgal biovolume
Konoplya, Bárbara Idino; Soares, Francisco Striquer

Phytochemical and antifungal activity of anthraquinones and root and leaf extracts of Coccoloba mollis on phytopathogens
Barros, Iuri Bezerra de; Daniel, Juliana Feijó de Souza; Pinto, Jurandir Pereira; Rezende, Maria Ines; Braz Filho, Raimundo; Ferreira, Dalva Trevisan

Seasonal changes in the distribution and abundance of marine cladocerans of the Northwest Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean), Spain
Souza, Christiane Sampaio de; Mafalda Jr., Paulo; Sallés, Soluna; Ramirez, Teodoro; Cortés, Dolores; Garcia, Alberto; Mercado, Jesus; Vargas-Yanez, Manuel

Food/Feed Science and Technology

Apple wine processing with different nitrogen contents
Alberti, Aline; Vieira, Renato Giovanetti; Drilleau, Jean Françoise; Wosiacki, Gilvan; Nogueira, Alessandro

Biochemical characterisation of a glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger produced by solid-state fermentation
Slivinski, Christiane Trevisan; Machado, Alex Vinicius Lopes; Iulek, Jorge; Ayub, Ricardo Antônio; Almeida, Mareci Mendes de

Microbiology, sensory evaluation and shelf life of irradiated chicken breast fillets stored in air or vacuum
Mantilla, Samira Pirola Santos; Santos, Érica Barbosa; Vital, Helio de Carvalho; Mano, Sérgio Borges; Freitas, Mônica Queiroz de; Franco, Robson Maia

Modeling of drying and adsorption isotherms of the fish feed
Pacheco, Ana Claudia Werner; Luz, Gianini Regina; Polon, Paulo Eduardo; Jorge, Luiz Mário de Matos; Paraíso, Paulo Roberto

Nutritional requirements of Zymomonas mobilis CCT 4494 for levan production
Ernandes, Fernanda Maria Pagane Guereschi; Garcia-Cruz, Crispin Humberto

Production of functional killer protein in batch cultures upon a shift from aerobic to anaerobic conditions
Silva, Gildo Almeida da; Poli, Jandora Severo; Poletto, Carolina Madalozzo; Schaker, Patricia Dayane Carvalho; Valente, Patricia

Environmental Sciences

Assessment of chromium contamination in the Monte Alegre stream: a case study
Corbi, Juliano José; Santos, Felipe André dos; Zerlin, Ricardo; Santos, Ademir dos; Froehlich, Claudio Gilberto; Trivinho-Strixino, Susana

Degradation and detoxification of three textile Azo dyes by mixed fungal cultures from semi-arid region of Brazilian Northeast
Nascimento, Carlos; Magalhaes, Danielly de Paiva; Brandao, Martha; Santos, André Batouli; Chame, Marcia; Baptista, Darcílio; Nishikawa, Marília; Silva, Manuela da

Pollination and dispersal systems in a Cerrado remnant (Brazilian Savanna) in Southeastern Brazil
Ishara, Katia Losano; Maimoni-Rodella, Rita de Cassia Sindrônia


Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology – 54 (4), 2011


Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology

Competitive-IgY- Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (CIgY-ELISA) to detect the cytokinins in Gerbera jamesonii plantlets
Sousa, Cleiton Mateus; Miranda, Ricardo Motta; Freire, Ronald Bastos

Extracellular amylase production of a thermotolerant Fusarium sp: isolated from Eastern Nigerian soil
Nwagu, Tochukwu Nwamaka; Okolo, Bartholomew Ndubuisi

Influence of agitation speeds and aeration rates on the Xylanase activity of Aspergillus niger SS7
Bakri, Yasser; Mekaeel, Alaa; Koreih, Amal

Monitoring and evaluation of need for nitrogen fertilizer topdressing for maize leaf chlorophyll readings and the relationship with grain yield
Silva, Maria Anita Gonçalves da; Muniz, Antonio Saraiva; Mannigel, Anny Rosi; Porto, Simone Maria Altoé; Marchetti, Marlene Estevao; Nolla, Antonio; Grannemann, Ivan

Study of phycocyanin production from Spirulina platensis under different light spectra
Walter, Alfredo; Carvalho, Júlio Cesar de; Soccol, Vanete Thomaz; Faria, Ana Bárbara Bisinella de; Ghiggi, Vanessa; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo

Variation on the amount of winter cover crops residues on weeds incidence and soil seed bank during an agricultural year
Mauli, Márcia Maria; Nóbrega, Lúcia Helena Pereira; Rosa, Danielle Medina; Lima, Gislaine Piccolo de; Ralish, Ricardo

Human and Animal Health

Anticoagulant activity of a sulfated polysaccharide isolated from the green seaweed Caulerpa cupressoides
Rodrigues, José Ariévilo Gurgel; Vanderlei, Edfranck de Sousa Oliveira; Bessa, Érika Façanha; Magalhaes, Francisco de Araújo; Paula, Regina Célia Monteiro de; Lima, Vilma; Benevides, Norma Maria Barros

Antidiabetic activities of ethanol extract of dry matters of culture broth of Coriolus versiolor in submerged culture
Zhang, Zuofa; Lv, Guoying; Pan, Huijuan; Santos, Leandro Freire dos; Fan, Menghai; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo; Thomaz-Soccol, Vanete; Lacerda, Luiz Gustavo; Carvalho Filho, Marco Aurélio da Silva; Fan, Leifa

Bovine mastitis in the metropolitan area of Curitiba: antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial control of the infection
Parada, José Luis; Gonçalves, Dicezar; Soccol, Vanete Tomaz; Lima, Marisa; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo

Higher than normal plasma Iinterleukin-6 concentrations in brazilian patients with mood disorders
Miranda, Helen Cristina; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas; Reiche, Edna Maria Vissoci; Oda, Julie Massayo Maeda; Watanabe, Maria Angelica Ehara

Production biomolecule with inhibitory activity against Gram-negative bacteria isolated from faeces of broilers and swine
Bordignon Junior, Sidnei Emílio; Miyaoka, Mitiyo Fukuda; Spier, Michele Rigon; Rubel, Rosália; Soccol, Vanete Thomaz; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo

Biological and Applied Sciences

Antioxidant effect of phycocyanin on oxidative stress induced with monosodium glutamate in rats
Bertolin, Telma Elita; Farias, Daniele; Guarienti, Cíntia; Petry, Fernanda Tais Souza; Colla, Luciane Maria; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira

Effect of moxifloxacin administration on pharmacokinetics of tolfenamic acid in rats
Patel, Satish D.; Sadariya, Kamlesh A.; Gothi, Anil K.; Patel, Urvesh D.; Gohil, Pradhuman A.; Jain, Mukul R.; Bhavsar, Shailesh K.; Thaker, Aswin M.

Effects of natural banks of free-floating plants on zooplankton community in a shallow subtropical lake in Southern Brazil
Gazulha, Vanessa; Montú, Mônica; Marques, David da Motta; Bonecker, Claúdia Costa

Forest fragments’ contribution to the natural biological control of Spodoptera frugiperda Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Maize
Sousa, Eduardo Henrique Santana; Matos, Michela Costa Batista; Almeida, Ruanno Silva; Teodoro, Adenir Vieira

Proteomic analysis of whey from bovine colostrum and mature milk
Golinelli, Luciana Pacheco; Conte-Junior, Carlos Adam; Paschoalin, Vânia Margaret Flosi; Silva, Joab Trajano

Temperature-dependent alterations in metabolic enzymes and proteins of three ecophysiologically different species of earthworms
Tripathi, G; Kachhwaha, N.; Dabi, I.; Bandooni, N.

Engineering, Technology and Techniques

Investigation the natural radioactivity in local and imported chemical fertilizers
Hussain, Raad Obid; Hussain, Hayder Hamza

Production and characterization of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate from crude glycerol by Bacillus sphaericus NII 0838 and improving its thermal properties by blending with other polymers
Sindhu, Raveendran; Ammu, Balakrishnan; Binod, Parameswaran; Deepthi, Sreelatha K.; Ramachandran, K. B.; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo; Pandey, Ashok

Food/Feed Science and Technology

Cultivation of juvenile fat snook (Centropomus parallelus Poey, 1860) fed probiotic in laboratory conditions
Barbosa, Moysés Cavichioli; Jatobá, Adolfo; Vieira, Felipe do Nascimento; Silva, Bruno Correa; Mourino, José Luiz Pedreira; Andreatta, Edemar Roberto; Seiffert, Walter Quadros; Cerqueira, Vinícius Ronzani

Natural antioxidant from yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.) prevents hamburger peroxidation
Ferreira, Erica Lemos; Sampaio, Geni Rodrigues; Torres, Elizabeth Aparecida Ferraz da Silva; Bastos, Deborah Helena Markowicz

Environmental Sciences

Alterations in proteins and amino acids of the Nile cyanobacteria Pseudanabaena limnetica and Anabaena wisconsinense in response to industrial wastewater pollution
El-Sheekh, Mostafa Mohamed; El-Otify, Ahmed Mohamed; Saber, Hani

Biodegradation of crude petroleum oil and environmental pollutants by Candida tropicalis strain
Farag, Soha; Soliman, Nadia A.

Evaluation of cytotoxicity and biological activities in extracellular polysaccharides released by cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis
Challouf, Rafika; Trabelsi, Lamia; Ben Dhieb, Rym; El Abed, Omeya; Yahia, Ali; Ghozzi, Khamissa; Ben Ammar, Jihen; Omran, Hela; Ben Ouada, Hatem

Genetic variability of brycon orbignyanus (valenciennes, 1850) (characiformes: characidae) in cultivated and natural populations of the upper paraná river, and implications for the conservation of the species
Panarari-Antunes, Renata de Souza; Prioli, Alberto José; Prioli, Sônia Maria Alves Pinto; Galdino, Alexsandro Sobreira; Julio Junior, Horácio Ferreira; Prioli, Laudenir Maria


Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology – 54 (5), 2011


Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology

Biochemical composition of seven species of cyanobacteria isolated from different aquatic habitats of Western Ghats, Southern India
Rajeshwari, Karanth Rama; Rajashekhar, Madaiah

Efficiency of RAPD and ISSR markers in assessing genetic variation in Arthrocnemum macrostachyum (Chenopodiaceae)
Saleh, Basel

Extra-cellular isoamylase production by Rhizopus oryzae in solid-state fermentation of agro wastes
Ghosh, Barnita; Ray, Rina Rani

In vitro inhibition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa adhesion by Xylitol
Sousa, Letícia Pinheiro de; Silva, Annelisa Farah da; Calil, Natalia Oliveira; Oliveira, Murilo Gomes; Silva, Silvio Silvério da; Raposo, Nádia Rezende Barbosa

Tolerance of arabica coffee cultivars for aluminum in nutritive solution
Macedo, Célia Maria Peixoto de; Lopes, José Carlos; Amaral, José Augusto Teixeira do; Fonseca, Aymbiré Francisco Almeida da; Amaral, José Francisco Teixeira do

Human and Animal Health

Development and evaluation of a hydrophilic matrix as a buccoadhesive system containing diclofenac sodium
Wypych, Thaiz Cristina; Andreazza, Itamar Francisco

Effects of catuaba cristal® on the testis of wistar rats
Freitas, Karine Moura de; Costa, Kyvia Lugate; Campos, Pamela Kelly Araújo; Melo, Fabiana Cristina Silveira Alves de; Paula, Tarcízio Antônio Rego de; Matta, Sérgio Luis Pinto da

Effect of a crude sulfated polysaccharide from Halymenia floresia (Rhodophyta) on gastrointestinal smooth muscle contractility
Graça, José Ronaldo Vasconcelos; Bezerra, Mirna Marques; Lima, Vilma; Rodrigues, José Ariévilo Gurgel; Monteiro, Diego Levi Silveira; Quinderé, Ana Luíza Gomes; Amorim, Rodrigo César das Neves; Paula, Regina Célia Monteiro de; Benevides, Norma Maria Barros

Influence of gastrointestinal system conditions on adhesion of exopolysaccharide-producing Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus strains to caco-2 cells
Darilmaz, Derya Onal; Aslim, Belma; Suludere, Zekiye; Akca, Gülcin

Production of recombinant proteins in milk of transgenic and non-transgenic goats
Moura, Raylene Ramos; Melo, Luciana Magalhaes; Freitas, Vicente José de Figueiredo

Biological and Applied Sciences

Assessment of genetic diversity in Cattleya intermedia Lindl. (Orchidaceae)
Machado Neto, Nelson Barbosa; Vieira, Luiz Gonzaga Esteves

Short-term variability of bacterioplankton in the maximum turbidity zone in the Paranaguá Bay, Southern Brazil, and its relationship with environmental variables
Ribeiro, Catherine Gérikas; Kolm, Hedda Elisabeth; Costa Machado, Eunice da

Engineering, Technology and Techniques

Evaluation of hela cell lineage response to ß radiation from Holmium-166 embedded in ceramic seeds
Valente, Eduardo Sarmento; Cuperschmid, Ethel Mizrahy; Campos, Tarcisio Passos Ribeiro de

Multicomponent complex formation between pyrimethamine, cyclodextrins and water-soluble polymers
Rodrigues, Leticia Norma Carpentieri; Issa, Michelle Georges; Asbahr, Ana Carolina Cavassin; Silva, Marco Aurélio Carvalho; Ferraz, Humberto Gomes

Start-up and steady-state conditions of an Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor (AHR) using mini-filters composed with two types of support medium operating under low loading rates
Silva, Vivian Galdino da; Campos, Cláudio Milton Montenegro; Pereira, Erlon Lopes; Silva, Júlia Ferreira da

Food/Feed Science and Technology

Activity of enzymes associated with the enzymatic browning of minimally processed potatoes
Vitti, Maria Carolina Dario; Sasaki, Fabiana Fumi; Miguel, Patrícia; Kluge, Ricardo Alfredo; Moretti, Celso Luiz

Antimicrobial activity and mineral composition of shiitake mushrooms cultivated on agricultural waste
Casaril, Kérley Braga Pereira Bento; Kasuya, Maria Catarina Megumi; Vanetti, Maria Cristina Dantas

Biological evaluation of crude and degummed oil from Moringa oleifera seeds
Fátima Andrade, Graziela de; Melo, Tânia Márcia Sacramento; Guedes, Cláudia Dumans; Novack, Kátia Monteiro; Santos, Rinaldo Cardoso dos; Silva, Marcelo Eustáquio

Improvement in RNA extraction from S. cerevisie by optimization in the autolysis and NH3 hydrolysis
Oliveira, Antonio Martins; Oliva Neto, Pedro de

Isolation and screening of microorganisms with potential for biotransformation of terpenic substrates
Bier, Mário César Jucoski; Poletto, Sabrina; Soccol, Vanete Thomaz; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo; Medeiros, Adriane Bianchi Pedroni

Optimization of biomass production with copper bioaccumulation by yeasts in submerged fermentation
Arakaki, Andréa Haruko; Souza Vandenberghe, Luciana Porto de; Soccol, Vanete Thomaz; Masaki, Ryu; Rosa Filho, Ernani Francisco da; Gregório, Alexsandro; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo

Environmental Sciences

Bacterial biodiversity from an anaerobic up flow bioreactor with ANAMMOX activity inoculated with swine sludge
Viancelli, Aline; Kunz, Airton; Esteves, Paulo Augusto; Bauermann, Fernando Viçosa; Furukawa, Kenji; Fujii, Takao; Antônio, Regina Vasconcellos; Vanotti, Matias

Biodegradable foams based on starch, polyvinyl alcohol, chitosan and sugarcane fibers obtained by extrusion
Debiagi, Flávia; Mali, Suzana; Grossmann, Maria Victória Eiras; Yamashita, Fábio

Evaluation of poultry litter traditional composting process
Sanchuki, Carlos Eduardo; Soccol, Carlos Ricardo; Carvalho, Júlio Cesar de; Soccol, Vanete Thomaz; Nascimento, Camila do; Woiciechowski, Adenise Lorenci

Structural and ecophysiological alterations of the water hyacinth [Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms] due to anthropogenic stress in Brazilian rivers
Vitória, Angela Pierre; Lage-Pinto, Frederico; Silva, Leonardo Bernardo Campaneli da; Cunha, Maura da; Oliveira, Jurandi Gonçalves de; Rezende, Carlos Eduardo; Souza, Cristina Maria Magalhaes de; Azevedo, Ricardo Antunes