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Daily Fanmail! Pt. 1

From Alicia Han: As of today, we’ll be posting fanmail from our emails! Let’s start, shall we?

From: xSakuraxAngelx21@jp.com

To: Starrclickk@yahoo.com


Dear Starr Clickk, my sister and I found your blog on blogspot and we started reading. Now we’re addicted. We love you guys. My favorites are Mira-san, Riku-kun, and Yula-san (because I’m part Chinese) my sister’s favorites are Juria-chan and Haera-chan. Much love!

Beiji and Anna Watanabe

From: Japanesebeauty@jp.com

To: Starrclickk@yahoo.com


(this is for Juria-san)

When I first saw Starr Clickk, it was in Fashion Teen magazine, I checked out the blog and saw how gorgeous all of the models are. But out of all, Juria-san, you are the most beautiful. I didn’t know someone could be so talented and beautiful. I love your style, and you and Haera’s clothing line, I brought one of the Sakura dresses, I hope that you guys open a store! I’ll buy everything, I also brought the shoes… The ones you recommended in the magazine interview. I hope I look as good as you in those clothes. Best of luck


Here’s the first two Daily Fanmail posts. Also, thank you, Starr Clickk and Pop Candy fans for the actual fanmail sent to our offices. Thanks for the orders of the clothes from Pop Candy.